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A fix for the conflict that disables diagonal sprinting with True Directional Movement.

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There's a mod conflict with Ershin's True Directional Movement that makes it impossible to start sprinting while moving diagonally. This is caused by setting fJogInterpolationBetweenWalkAndRun to 1 (or greater). Some mods do this in order to match NPC walk and run speeds to those of the player character, two examples being Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch (FIXED in USMP 2.5) and NPCs Run and Walk at Your Pace. You can fix this by editing the game setting to e.g. 0.99 to achieve almost the same effect, while maintaining compatibility with True Directional Movement. I included an ESL-flagged plugin in the downloads if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. Make sure to load it after either of those two mods, or any others that do a similar thing.

The requirements are not actually required, they are just there to make it easier to find this fix.