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Alter's the Black Sepulchre to take advantage of various Legacy of the Dragonborn functions.

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I'm a long time user of Legacy, and the Black Sepulcher looked like a really cool house I wanted to try. But I couldn't give up the storage system from Legacy, nor did I want to leave the displays in Black Sepulcher empty. I originally made this for personal use, got gjohan1's permission, and am now uploading it for everyone.

What I've done is thus:

1. Change the displays in Black Sepulchre to accept replica's from LotD (Because I didn't want to mess with the scripts enough to get it to run off a formlist that would contain both the original weapon and the replica)
2. Changed the storage to hook into Legacy's storage system (except for Armor and Weapons, that I could find, because Legacy divides those into every category and it felt like too much work trying to make it look good without changing a lot)
3. Added a series of crates, in place of one of the chests in the main room, that give access to Legacy's storage system (not everything, because the activator I used is for pulling supplies while out on an excavation)
4. Added the Replica and Archeology Benches to the Smithing Room.

5. Added Replica recipes to various items that didn't have them.

About the added Replica's:

I've added recipes for mostly everything that Legacy didn't already have. This accounts for the Paragon's, the Dragon Claws, several books, the Ancient Falmer Crown, Bug Jars, Initiates Ewer, and the unique Thieves Guild items.

I've not added recipes to the Thieves Guild items that you get from the quests, only the ones that you turn into Delvin. The recipe should unlock after you turn the item in, but if this does not work please let me know and I'll try that another way.

The Initiates Ewer requires you to have completed "Touching the Sky" to be able to craft, so as to now mess with the quest.

The Ring of Pure Mixtures is available from the replica bench if the Ring is either in your inventory, or in Frida's inventory. Hopefully. If you've given Frida the Ring back, and the Replica recipe does not appear, please let me know.

Everything but the TG items and the Ancient Falmer helmet require you to have the original item to unlock the crafting recipe at the replica bench. The Ancient Falmer Helmet requires you to have 100 Archeology Skill, and can be made with Falmer Fragments and Keystones.

Installing and Uninstalling:

I'm fairly certain that the changes I've made to the Black Sepulcher require a new game to take effect. I cannot promise it working on in-progress games, but if you do decide to go that route please leave it at the end so as to not mess with the order of everything else.

Do not uninstall. I'm uncertain as to the specific effects it will have on your game, but it will be bad, and I will not help you.


As of Version 2, I've changed the way the Ring of Pure Mixtures is displayed. Since it now works with a Replica I created, the item will not use any replacers you may have. I'm not sure how this will affect the actual displayed version, but I believe that should still show whatever model the vanilla is using.


gjohon1 for the Black Sepulchre
Icecreamassassin and the Legacy Dev team for Legacy of the Dragonborn