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This is my 100% complete Skyrim Special Edition PC save with 527 hours played on it in the span of 6 years (started on oldrim). Every quest I could find done including all DLC's, character maxed out and all unique or interesting items collected. I didn't use console for anything and never played with mods.

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2024 UPDATE:
I have now uploaded the perfect Skyrim save that beats this one in every possible category:
The Ultimate Skyrim Character Save

Ever wondered what 100% completed Skyrim looks like? On this save I've done it all.

- all quests I could find completed
- all important keys
- all permanent spells, shouts, powers and effects unlocked
- all skills maxed out
- all locations in Skyrim and on Solstheim discovered and all hostile locations cleared out
- all meals a player can cook or bake prepared
- all unique or interesting weapons, armor and jewelry I could find collected
- all beverages collected
- all armor and weapon enchantments I could find learned
- all important books found and read
- all ingredients collected and all their effects discovered (except human parts)
- all potion and poison recipes learned and all potions and poisons in the game made in their most powerful versions without exploits
- all spider scrolls recipes collected and learned
- all Skyrim houses bought and fully furnished
- all Hearthfire houses fully built and furnished
- all basement shrines built in every Hearthfire house
- "The Litany of Larceny" hidden quest completed (125 jobs for Thieves guild done and 24 barenziah stones found)
- werewolf and vampire skill tree maxed out (currently a werewolf but can ask Serana who resides in Dawnguard castle to turn you into a vampire any time)
- thane title in all holds
- tons of crafting materials collected
- thousands of gemstones collected
- lots of goat cheese and sweetrolls collected
- the best all around armor and best weapons possible made without any exploits equipped with many more armors in the storage containers inside Windstad Manor

*before saving the game I waited long enough for every respawnable hostile area to respawn - all dragon lairs, giant lairs, most of bandit and forsworn hideouts and so on, so you can destroy them with a weapon or spell of your choice

*watch the attached YouTube video to learn where I store every item you might want to use

How to install
put the 'pawelos4.ess' file from the downloaded zip folder in C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves and load the pawelos4 save in game