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Every quest completed, every item and spell collected, the highest Skyrim level (1337) ever reached by hand. Never used console commands, never played with mods. I put into this save all the knowledge I gathered about Skyrim in my 1800 hours of playing.

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The Most Legendary Skyrim Character Ever

On this save I have done everything that can be done in Skyrim. This save is from Legendary Edition so I haven't touched any CC content and you're free to play through it yourself. I wanted to make a save that works with every version of Skyrim and has every universal quest between versions completed, the perfect sandbox save where every core task of Skyrim has been completed and you can play with the world as the end game boss or add creation club content or just mods from nexus and experience them as the ultimate dragonborn.

- level 1337 reached legitimately
- 7000 health, 4360 magicka, 2300 stamina
- every skill maxed out and made legendary, every perk
- every quest and world interaction completed
- every spell, shout, power and effect unlocked
- all locations in Skyrim and on Solstheim discovered, all clearable locations cleared
- every key found
- every food and drink collected
- every unique weapon, armor, jewelry or other item collected
- every base weapon, armor, jewelry collected
- every staff collected
- every potion and poison collected
- every enchantment learned
- every lore book, skill book, bounty, journal, letter, map note, recipe read and collected
- every ingredient collected and all their effects discovered (except Jarrin Root which I have only one of)
- every potion and poison recipe learned and every potion and poison in the game made in its most powerful version without exploits
- every scroll collected
- every dwemer item collected
- every clutter item collected
- every Skyrim house bought and fully furnished
- every Hearthfire house fully built and furnished
- every hidden or less known quest or interaction completed such as "The Litany of Larceny" hidden quest (125 jobs for Thieves guild done and 24 barenziah stones found) or Dawnguard Agent Stashes or Balbus's Fork
- werewolf and vampire skill tree maxed out (currently a werewolf but can ask Serana who resides in Dawnguard castle to turn you into a vampire any time)
- Serana can be turned human
- thane title in all holds
- tons of crafting materials collected
- thousands of gems collected
- over 3 000 000 septims
- married to Muiri with 2 children and 2 pets adopted (Meeko being one of them); they are staying in Heljarchen Hall
- the best all around armor and best weapons possible made without any exploits equipped with many more armors and weapons in the containers inside Lakeview Manor
- playstyle specific tailored sets (thief, assassin, mage, knight, tank) in trophy room in Lakeview Manor

I have uploaded a "100% completed save" before but it has nothing on THIS save. This time I REALLY made sure to get every single legitimately obatainable item in the game. While before it was a game complete save, this is EVERYTHING THIS GAME HAS TO OFFER complete save. I've spent countless hours on Skyrim wikis and forums to make sure I'm not missing ANYTHING. There is no way to one up THIS save in any way. This time I have done everything, gotten an unheard of before level and collected and kept every item in the game in its strongest version. While I show off my statistics in the video, take them with a grain of salt since I had my own list to follow (following 3 Skyrim wikis, some YT videos and many forum posts) to complete every single thing in this game and I know every possible thing is completed. If something in game stats is missing, the game wasn't tracking properly. Also this time the save is compatible with the Legendary Edtion of Skyrim so it's even more universal. I even turned off the HD Texture Pack for the playthrough to avoid data issues between versions!

Before saving the game I waited long enough for every hostile area to respawn - all dragon lairs, giant lairs, most of bandit and forsworn hideouts and so on, so you can have some fun with them.

Full video showcase of the save and where I store every item you might want to use

I have documented the entire process of me getting to level 1337 without cheats or console commands in this video. It is 4 x sped up because it would be too long for Youtube in normal speed but you can set the speed to 0.25 to experience it in real time. I didn't film leveling all the other skills to 100 (twice) since these days there are already many videos of people doing it.

How to install:
extract the PAWEL.ess save file to Documents\My Games\<Your Skyrim Version>\Saves