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A new dunmer heavy armor set based on concept art from xenosius with a shield and a sword

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The Morag Tong is an ancient guild of assassins headquartered in Morrowind, celebrating murder in the name of Mephala. They have been active since at least the First Era, and their targets have included multiple rulers of Tamriel, high-ranking Dunmer nobility, and countless others. The Morag Tong is unique in its sanctioned status under the Morrowind government to perform legal executions, bound under contracts called 'writs', although extralegal 'gray writs' are rumored to exist. After the Arg

onian invasion and devastation of Vvardenfell, the Tong dispersed, though the remaining members hoped to reunite some day. Even though the devastated factions within Vvardenfell were gone, the Morag Tong still had a presence on the mainland of Morrowind and even took contracts on Solstheim. In Morrowind, the guild is led by a Grandmaster, who traditionally serves for life until killed in the line of duty.

Acquisition: crafted with the same requirements as the chitin armor and elven weapons or acquired from a tough enemy called Morag Tong Grandmaster who resides near Highpoint Tower on Solstheim preparing to execute his next contract.


Concept art by xenosius

Showcase by Arctic Scrolls Mods (starts at 2:07)

Showcase by N7EffectHD

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