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Gives Harkon new mechanics for his boss fight to make it harder and more intense.

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The Vanilla boss fight for Harkon isn’t bad, it’s actually the best in the game imo. This mod doesn’t change the existing mechanics (The blood shield, bat teleporting, or his undead summoning) it just adds new and unique elements on. 

-Heavily Boosted Stats
-New Blood Lightning Storm Spell 
-New Obliterate Spell (an extremely slow orb that takes a him a while to charge but will instantly kill whatever it touches. It takes him 3.5 seconds to charge and the orb moves slowly, but you cannot tank it.)
-New Summon (Summons a Vampire Summoner that will summon weaker copies, who will in turn summon more versions of themselves. Kill the Red Ghosts to despawn the Shades quickly if you don’t want to be overwhelmed)

Three difficulty variations of this file. If you want the numbers changed further either download Custom Difficulty UI or pop open SSEedit. See Files for the stats on each.

-This mod does not touch the Base Harkon at all, meaning it should be compatible with mods that change his appearance. 

-This mod does not touch the quest.

-This mod does not alter his appearance. It will not be compatible with mods that do alter Vampire Lord Harkon's appearance unless you patch it.

-This mod does change most everything related to Harkon’s combat. It does not alter the pre-existing mechanics or scripts.

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