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Stand-alone Followers for your Legendary battles! Now Adjustable to player preference!

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As of 1.3.1:

-All followers have drastically reduced damage and durability numbers. This is to allow for easy adjustment according to the situation and player preference.

The followers can now easily be adjusted using the provided jewelry. (which are only useable by my followers. The enchants will not give stats to you or your other followers)

Necklaces increase damage done by 10% in increments of 10 (up to 100% increased damage).

Rings increase durability in increments of 100 armor, 100 health, and 10% magic resistance (all followers have the 30% magic resist perk by default, so the rings do not give more than 50% which brings them to the 80% cap).

Followers have the 50% damage increase and the 4th durability ring on by default. You can easily swap these out by accessing their inventory. 

(The follower's health might not seem to be moving on taking damage. This is because the health from their rings do not show on their bar. They are taking damage.)

You can find the follower jewelry in a barrel (named "a confusing barrel") in The Bee and Barn (in Riften) basement. 

All level scaling reduced to 1:1 and the followers have minimum levels of 30. They have level caps of "really high".

Followers now have a perk that increases damage done by 10% every five levels (starting after level 30) and capping at 90% increased damage at level 80.

These men and women are composed more of myth, rumor and speculation than hard fact. Most who tell their stories do so lightheartedly, believing them to be entertaining lies. 
They are not. The actual events that the stories are based on are far more awe-inspiring and terrifying. 
And now they have come to Skyrim. Most of them had never met or heard of each other before, but now they are united by one singular purpose: answering the call of the Last Dragonborn. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: Peasant, why do I need gods as companions? Peasant, my followers already clean house with Skyrim’s enemies. Peasant, I don’t need overpowered followers breaking the game completely. Inigo one shots everything already. 
All valid concerns. Let me give some-


I play with up-scaled Skyrim mods, as in I have mods that double or triple the amount of enemies in encounters, or install mods that add a ton of enemies on their own. I like big battles and lots of combatants. 
These followers aren’t meant to make things ‘balanced’. They’re supposed to make things epic. If you run into a 5 man bandit fort with one of these, they’ll clean it out in seconds and you won’t get to do anything. But if you use Organized Bandits of Skyrim or Skyrim at War or 3x Enemy spawns, then you’ll have companions truly worthy of fighting alongside the Dragonborn. 
They do have limits, even if they are hard to push. I didn’t make them completely invulnerable. If you’re fighting a lot of truly dangerous enemies, then these guys can be downed. If a large group of enemies focuses them they will be chain-staggered to death.
I’m not sure how many people will like this mod, since I hear a lot of complaints about followers being too strong. I don’t really have that problem with the sheer amount of enemies I fight on my playthroughs. 
[To keep your followers from just reviving constantly in fights I recommend getting NPC Knockout Overhaul. It is a GREAT mod.]


This is my first mod to be published, so please let me know if you encounter any issues. Please tell me what you like or don't like about the followers too!

If I reload a save, they all disappear. Just vanish into thin air like they never existed. I have no idea what causes this, but just be aware that this might happen to you. I fix this by just restarting the game. For whatever reason that works. 

They are all marked as essential. You can use a follower mod or sEdit to change that if you want.

I recommend using Custom Difficulty UI. It’s a great mod, but I balanced the followers around having the NPC dmg done at 2x and the NPC dmg taken at 2x. This does not exist in vanilla skyrim. I would seriously advise against using vanilla Legendary or Master, because it lowers the amount of damage ALL NPCs (including my followers) take. They’re basically unkillable on Legendary lol. 

"LORE FRIENDLY" depends on who you ask. If you play like I do, then yes, they are lore friendly. If I'm charging into an army spewing fire out of my mouth and lightning out my ___ then I want companions who can do the same.

YOU CAN use follower mods on them. They use the vanilla framework so it should be fine to use a multiple follower framework and the commands with them (I am not responsible if you break them). I use EFF and it works great. HOWEVER

DO NOT change their outfit, their spells, class, or their combat style. If you do, I have no idea how to fix them. There are custom spell effects, abilities, styles, and classes tailored for each follower. 
The armor and weapons they use are just recolored versions of existing vanilla armors with changed stats and special enchantments. They are not visible or usable by the player. Their armor and enchants are kinda part of what makes them 'them' so be aware that taking away their armor will probably greatly reduce their damage and survivability. 

IF they somehow aren’t strong enough for your liking, I left the necklace and ring spots open for you to add enchanted gear. 


You don't need to use all of the followers. If you like just one, then you can obviously just use that one. The others will remain at their respective locations until you ask for their help. I would recommend playing this way instead of having all five with you all the time (unless you’re fighting something absolutely bonkers).

I made this because I want to play with these characters, and I plan to keep making changes. I'll post the updates whenever I feel they are complete enough to send out.  


-Jurmandor (yur)
Damage: 5/5
Durability: 4/5
Crowd Control: 3/5

-Uses dual axes.
-Can use a more powerful version of Soul Tear to kill and reanimate entire groups of enemies.
-Uses a massive explosion spell that drains health from nearby enemies to heal him.
-Summons two Dremora Archers and one Dremora Dreadbringer at the beginning of each fight.
-Is constantly surrounded by a stronger version of the Ebony mail cloak.

(Do not give Jurmandor more magicka. He really likes his drain spell.)

Location: The Bee and the Barb in Riften 

-Agatha Nightbane
Damage: 1/5
Durability: 5/5
Crowd Control: 5/5

-Uses a sword and shield as her primary weapons. 
-Can activate a powerful Sun Cloak that damages nearby enemies. 
-On cast, her Sun Cloak will release an explosion that briefly paralyzes enemies in a large radius.
-Can paralyze or knock enemies away with her bash.
-Has access to a Sun Explosion spell that she can use from range.
-Can disarm enemies by using her shout.

Agatha is the most vanilla-friendly of the group, because she isn’t going to one-shot everything. She works very well alongside Sion.

Location: Moorside Inn in Morthal

-Sion Darkeater 
Damage: 4/5
Durability: 3/5
Crowd Control: 2/5

-Uses a warhammer as his primary weapon. 
-Is slow, but deals massive damage when in range. 
-Has access to the same Sun Explosion spell and a Sun Cloak spell (his does not paralyze on cast).
-His forward power attack deals massive damage, knocks down enemies, and releases an explosion of light. 

Sion compliments Agatha’s defensive style with damage and power.

Location: Moorside Inn in Morthal

Damage: 5/5
Durability: 2/5
Crowd Control: 1/5

Vahoun uses a two handed sword in combat. Despite using no spells, he can easily hold his own against the most dangerous of mages. He moves and strikes extremely fast, and is pretty much unstoppable as long as he can keep swinging. 

Location: Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar

-Joyeuse Brightflame 
Damage: 5/5
Durability: 3/5
Crowd Control: 2/5

-Wields a one handed sword in combat. 
-Her standing power attack releases an explosion that damages nearby enemies. 
-Uses a violent form of Flame Cloak that drains health from nearby enemies (meaning the more enemies around her the more she heals).
-On casting her Flame Cloak a massive explosion is released.
-Has access to powerful versions of Fireball, Fire breath and Flames. 

Joyeuse is a fire based battle mage that will level pretty much everything in her path. She is very useful when dealing with large groups of enemies (as in really fricking large).

Location: Temple of Mara in Riften