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A lovelier version of our favorite “stalker” housecarl and unwilling burden-carrier. Lydia also comes with a movement adjustment, so she now walks like a woman instead of a football player.

Permissions and credits
Note: If you are having issues, please make sure you have the correct Apachii Hair pack installed. Lydia requires the FEMALE ONLY pack, not the male/female pack. Also, please move this mod lower in your load order.


When my Dovahkiin first met her Whiterun housecarl Lydia, she was uncertain about whether or not they would get along. For one, Lydia followed her around Breezehome like a stalker, camping out in her bedroom and watching her sleep. And Lydia certainly wasn’t a willing burden-carrier like the majority of my Dovahkiin’s other followers. But my Dovahkiin eventually grew to like Lydia and considered her a unique, if somewhat strange friend.

However, even though Lydia is attractive as she is, there were a few things about her appearance that I felt needed an overhaul. For one, Lydia walks like she’s the tailback for the Nordic Female Football League. As to why Bethesda felt the need to program her to walk and move like a man is beyond me. She can still be a tough, strong warrior while walking like a woman.

I gave Lydia a more intense eye color, darkened her hair a bit, made a few facial tweaks, and gave her a different, lovelier hairstyle. I also removed the “Opposite Gender Anims” setting, so now Lydia will walk and move like a woman.

I hope you enjoy Lydia, and if you do, endorsements are very much appreciated. I also love seeing screenshots of the characters in game, so please upload them to the "Images" section.

Required Mods

ApachiiSkyHair (the Female Standalone Pack "ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5"):

Recommended Mods

(If you want Lydia to look exactly like she does in the screenshots)
1) High Quality Eyes by Xenius: (Original Skyrim mod but works with SSE.)
2) Better Females by Bella: (Original Skyrim mod but works with SSE.)


Use your favorite mod manager OR:

Extract the file to a temporary location.
Copy/place the .esp in your Skryim Data folder.
Merge my "meshes" folder with the "meshes" folder in your Skryim Data folder.
Merge my "textures" folder with the "textures" folder in your Skyrim Data folder.
Make sure the .esp is checked in the “Load Order” section under "Mods" in the game menu.

As for where it should go in your load order, it doesn’t really matter, although I would recommend putting it ABOVE any multi-follower mod (AFT, EFF, UFO) just in case.


Use your favorite mod manager OR:

Uncheck the .esp in the “Load Order” section under "Mods" in the game menu.
Delete the .esp from your Skyrim Data folder.
Delete my meshes and textures.


As this changes Lydia, it will most likely be incompatible with any other mod that changes her.


None that I know of.


Please leave a comment or send me a PM, and I'll respond as soon as possible.


Please ask my permission before using my mod in your work, and please give me credit for my mod.


Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
The Nexus for giving gamers/modders a place to find and showcase mods.
Apachii for creating such wonderful hairs and for giving me permission to use them.

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