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This simple mod allows you to bury fallen NPCs in Skyrim, friends and foes alike.

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This is the SSE port of the same title LE mod, which is my take on a mod to allow to bury NPCs in Skyrim. It is aimed to be a simple, compatible and lightweight way to pay your respects to fallen friends and slain foes.


The mod allows you to bury fallen NPCs in Skyrim, friends and foes alike. You can create a grave for them that shows their name, the date of burial, and an engraving. You can choose to have a preset engraving, but you can also write your own.

The mod works with hotkeys and activation. To bury an NPC:
0) Have the hotkey set up in the MCM.
1) Press the hotkey, the mod will send a notification that you can now choose the body.
2) Activate the body you want to bury (E).
3) Select your preferences in the shown menu.
After the grave is placed, you can activate it to show what's written on it. The placed graves are persistent.
The player will play 2 animations: you will kneel down before the screen fades to black, and you will play a short salute animation after the gravestone is finished. The animations can be turned on/off in the MCM.

You can manually remove a grave you no longer want in the game:
0) Have the removal hotkey set up in the MCM
1) Press the hotkey for removal
2) Activate the grave you want to remove.
Removing a grave is irreversible, as it marks the reference for deletion.

- SKSE64
- SkyUI
Both are hard requirements!

The mod only adds its own stuff and doesn't modify anything. Therefore just having it installed won't interfere with anything.
However, a bit of caution won't hurt when burying NPCs from other mods. Burying an NPC disables the dead body. If an NPC is supposed to be resurrected later, or they are not supposed to be disabled for whatever reason, then burying them with the mod might cause issues.
Rule of thumb: exercise caution with NPCs from other mods that are complex and/or ask you to not place their NPCs under the influence of other mods. Burying the generic arrow fodders should be safe regardless of where they come from.

SkyUI Lib Team: For the input text script and interface
SkyUI Team: For SkyUI
SKSE team: For SKSE64
This forum thread for the mod idea.