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This is an xEdit script that automatically creates compatibility patches for mods.

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This is a script for SSEEdit that automatically creates compatibility patches for mods.

The script is able to identify many small problems that humans making a manual patch might not notice.

Obviously there are some limits to what it can and can't do, but it can handle more than you might expect.

See the video for more information.

Examples of what it can patch:   NPC Overhauls, Weapons/Armor, etc.

Examples of what it cannot patch:   placed objects (merging town overhauls)


Place this script inside of your "Edit Scripts" folder wherever you installed xEdit.

*\Edit Scripts\ModpocalypseGamingScripts\Create Compatibility Patches.pas


I try to upload most of my mods to the Nexus.
However, some are only available on Patreon for one reason or another.
Sorry for any inconvenience.