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A simple patch for the mod always foggy weather on oldrim that makes the mod more pleasing to play with.

UPDATED - Standalone now available

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Original Mod, as the name would suggest, only produces foggy weather, all the time. 

So this patch does 2 things.
1. Removes that awful fog fx attached to camera that follows you around,.. ( that sh!t really hurt my eyes )
2. Increase the distance of the fog. I feel that on the oldrim version the fog is way too close to the player. ( But to each his own )

Oldrim = Day 1500
             = Night 1500
             = FXCameraAttachFogEffect On

Patch = Day 5000
           = Night 4500
           = FXCameraAttachFogEffect Off

So who is this mod for? Well If you hate skyrim's pop in effect, this is for you, if you hate the draw distance this is for you, if you have a potato PC and cant run DynDoLod, this is surely for you. OR if you are building a dark fantasy/ creepy horror build this is definitely for you.


First head to the oldrim page and download and install Always foggy weather by Magnusen2
This works straight out the box ( but is still in form 43, so just resave the oldrim plugin in CK )
Then Download this patch and install. This is an .esl flagged.
Make sure the patch overrides the oldrim mod.

UPDATED - Mod is now updated with a standalone version with permission from Magunsen2

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