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Craft Gold (Septims) from Ingots at a forge. Optional tweakable version with MCM available.

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What does it do?

Adds four recipes for crafting Gold from Gold Ingots (recipe depends on current smithing skill).

Intervals are:
25-50 --> 50 Gold
50-75 --> 100 Gold
75-100 --> 250 Gold
100+ --> 500 Gold

Additionally, you need to have the "Ancient Knowledge" (MS04Reward) passive power, the reward from "Unfathomable Depths".
Alternatively, a GlobalVar (SDCraftGoldKnowVar) allows you to bypass this.

MCM Version?

The standalone(!) MCM version adds an MCM and a few Vars to allow you to customize the amount of Gold you get from each recipe.
Range is 1 to 10000.

I use the base version, how do I bypass "Ancient Knowledge"?

Open console, type "set SDCraftGoldKnowVar to 0", done.

I want to disable/enable mid-playthrough, help!

The GlobalVar SDCraftGoldEnableVar can prevent the recipes from appearing, if it is set to 0
MCM has an entry for this, otherwise use the console.