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Are you sick of the Ice and Tundra, but you think
that most Tropical/Green Mods are Just Not Lore Friendly?
Then This mod is the answer.
"The Haven" is a set of Green Bosmer islands that are
located between the Summerset Isles and Hammerfell.
It's a well stocked Port of call for traders
on the shippin

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German

, Ultimate Immersion
and Absolute Aesthetic for these
Awesome videos!


The awesome Mod above is by the Author Kriemen,
he has added another home to own in "The Haven's Township"
His work is quiet exceptional,
please check it out and e.n.d.o.r.s.e if you download and like it.
This is the link to his Mod -
Little Haven Cottage SSE
I also recommend any Mod that enhances or Increases Immersion,
just beware that this Mod is Rather Graphically Intensive.

Q - Are there any Quests?
A - No, this mod is for Aesthetic Purposes only.
Q - Will there be Quests for "The Haven" in the Future?
A - No, although I will give Permission to those whom
wish to add Quests, you just have to ask me first.

Q - This mod is supposed to be Lore friendly? Ha!
A - Look, there is no way to know what is
truly Lore friendly and what is not.
(Seriously "The Elder Scrolls" Lore Contradicts
itself more than any other game out there.)
I have done my best to keep it
as Lore Friendly as Possible.

Q - Will you release a version without Airships?
No...I will not be taking them out of the mod.
Read this page before you go nuts about this ?
The Elder Scrolls Wiki, Airships.
Q - Why is everyone in "The Haven" Bosmer?
A - They are not, there is a Dunmer and Many Khajit
NPC's. I Like Bosmer (Because I hate Vegetables)
So I set "The Haven" along a Bosmer Shipping Route.

Q - Your Mod Keeps Crashing my Game, WTF?
A - You need a Stronger Rig, this mod is rather GPU intensive.
I am Running Skyrim on an Alienware Alpha on
"High Graphic Settings" and my mod drops
from 50-60 to about 30-40 FPS.

Q - I have a Godlike Rig and it still crashes WTF?
A - Pffft! Who knows! I have had this mod tested
by many Modders with very, varied results.

Q - How do I get there?
A - Read just below the "Features" section.
Q - Can I alter your mod and Upload it to Nexus?
A - Yes but ask me for permission first.
Q - Is this mod part of "Beyond Skyrim" Project?
A - No...

Fixed Brown/Black Face Problem!
Fixed Excessive gold in Chests!
Fixed Crazy Free Flying Dragon In The General Store!

- Stroti
- Tamira
- garnet18
- Ashenfire
- InsanitySorrow
- Elianora
- stoverjm
- Hanaisse
- Pheo3309
- GKB/Ga-Knomboe Boy
- lilith
- Artisanix
- Oaristys
- Tony67
- Blary
- elinen
- Runspect
- stoverjm
- lolikyonyu
- Jokerine
- bruce142
- flintone
- Markus Liberty
- baronf
- cad435
- Scarla
- kelretu
- Vindsvept

And especially Darkfox127 for his incredible Tutorials.