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A simple, small mod to make genders distinct in regards to gameplay.

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This small mod adds a perk to the player character on startup, that will change the effectiveness slightly. The reductions and improvements are meant to be small enough to not prevent any specific builds or playstyle and just noticeable enough to make it work.

Since it's a single script that doesn't even touch default records, this should be compatible with any other set of mods, including other mods that adjust gender effects or touch on races. Combining it with SkyRem - GABI should lead to very distinct genders.

If you use SPID, NPCs will also be affected since 1.1.0.

Male is considered the default dragonborn by me, so the adjustments are rather small and aim to make sense for the rather bulky guys we have to play with.
  • 5% easier to detect
  • 5% lower spell magnitude

Female is considered the none-default option, so there are a few more adjustments. The adjustments are mostly based around the on average lower physical strength of women compared to similary active men. The magic benefic should offset the small reductions nicely tho.
  • 10% spell cost reduction
  • 5% reduced damage with two handed weapons
  • 5% reduced damage with bashing
  • 5% higher skill use while sneaking
  • 5% lower carrying capacity
  • 5% lower Power attack damage and cost (since 1.2.0)
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