Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Castlevania Memories in Special Edition at last! This is the first episode, converted and tested thoroughly. Based on the Castlevania games with mixed elements from Symphony of the Night and Curse of Darkness. Battle your way through the Night Horde of Dracula. Find hidden accessories, craft Castlevania related weapons and defeat Shaft!

Permissions and credits

The first episode of Castlevania Memories, finally in Special Edition. You will travel through Abandoned Castle, Baljhet Mountains and Garibaldi Temple in search of a way to stop the resurrection of Dracula. Saint Germain left a mysterious chest (yes the chest in Riverwood you were so frustrated about) in Skyrim with a ticket to Europe. He knew that only the Dragonborn would be curious enough to try using it. There are no Belmonts left to fight against the Night Army. Our only hope is the Dragonborn.

But first, a shoutout to SnakeDeShazer for convincing me to work on mods once again! He helped convert all of the mod's files to Special Edition standards and tested most of it.

Quest Start Up:
Travel to Riverwood and find the infamous mysterious chest in front of the Riverwood Trader. Use the Ticket to Europe and start exploring the castle.

Important: The mod is not companion friendly, they can follow you but not everywhere! It's recommended to dismiss them or use at your own risk. 

Don't forget to check the warnings section for any known bugs/issues if you encounter anything. If there's no info about an issue you encountered, use the bugs form to report it, with enough detail, your load order, note if you use SKSE or not, preferably with a picture. Reports such as "It's not working" are useless and will be ignored.

Happy gaming!

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-Innocent Devil
Followers in this mod cannot take commands like typical Skyrim followers. We just fight alongside them. 


-Skeletons (Basic Castlevania enemies, progressively stronger)
-Flaming Skeletons (Seen in LoI I think)
-Blood Skeletons (Seen in LoI, CoD and SotN, two level ranges, a bloody undead with the power to revive indefinitely)
-Phantom Skeleton (Seen in CoD)
-Golden Bones (Seen in CoD, a bonus enemy with a special item)
-Armor Knight (Seen in CoD and LoI, progressively stronger, a soulless armor with short axe)
-Axe Armor (Seen in LoI and CoD, progressively stronger, a soulless armor with battleaxe)
-Ghost (Seen in LoI and CoD and SotN, a ghost with a lantern)
-Shadow Knight (Seen in LoI, CoD and SotN, a shadow sprite)
-Fenrir (Seen in LoI, CoD, SotN, progressively stronger)
-Flaming Fenrir (A new style of Fenrir, not seen in these games)
-Skeleton Blaze (Seen in CoD, a skeleton with dual blades)
-Blaze Master (Seen in CoD, a more powerful version of the Skeleton Blaze)
-Cyclops (Seen in CoD and LoI, an one eye giant)
-Executioner (Seen CoD, a half giant brawler, two level ranges)
-Merman (Seen in most of Castlevania games, a red fish like being)
-Fishman (Seen in most of Castlevania games, a blue fish like being)
-Lizard Man (Seen in LoI, CoD, an armored lizard)
-Phantom Warrior (Seen in CoD, a ghostly warrior with a laser beam)
-Phantom Knight (Seen in CoD, a ghostly warrior much harder than the Phantom Warrior)
-color=aqua]Dead Fencer[/color] (Seen in CoD, a ghostly fencer with a rapier)
-color=aqua]Dead Baron[/color] (Seen in CoD, a ghostly baron with a rapier and teleporting powers)
-Flea Man (Seen in most of Castlevania games, a short man, easy to kill but very fast)
-Efreet (Seen in LoI and CoD, a flaming demon)
-Wizard (Seen in CoD and LoI, a mage with fair abilities, progressively stronger)
-Wyvern's Guardian (Not seen in these games but Wyvern should have guardians)
-Zombie (walking corpses, seen in many Castlevania games, with a spitting ability, progressively stronger)
-Vampires (Not seen in these games but are known followers of Dracula)
-Undead Headsman (A new style of the Executioner, not seen in these games)


-Crazy Armor (The first boss in Abandoned Castle, seen in CoD)
-Lycanthrope (Not seen in these games)
-Wyvern (Seen in CoD, the second boss battle in Baljhet Mountains)
-Nuculais (Seen in CoD, the secret boss in Garibaldi Temple)
-Shaft (Seen in SotN, the dark priest who wanted to make Richter lord of Dracula's Castle)

Minimun Level:

The recommended level to start the mod is 20 and up.

Warnings About the mod:

-File size is quite large (1Gb) so you may encounter crashes while having this mod active. Try to disable other large quest mods through your preferred mod manager. Play this mod as you would and make a new save.

-Sometimes the mod's music gets mixed with Skyrim music, it's normal. When this happens, try to lower the Music slider through Audio Options. I'll investigate more into this matter.

-Videos may have low volume. I converted them to a higher resolution and audio sampling but they may still suffer from that.
Just increase your volume when a video plays (or decrease it as the devil forging video may be quite loud).

-MAX Ups are PERMANENT! Make a new save while inside the mod to keep your character clean.

-During the final battle, try to stay in the center of the room and don't fight too long near the device Richter was trapped. You may get stuck in the invisible wall.

-If you find the enemies being too easy, just increase the difficulty. If difficulty is maxed and you still find them easy then you have a very powerful hero, nothing can be done. On the other hand, if you find them hard, try to make the combines as they may be helpful.

A few words: 
There will be more quest conversions from oldrim Skyrim. In the meantime, I'll be working on the second episode of Castlevania Memories and it will be the first new mod of mine for SE. You can support me on Patreon to gain exclusive access to early tests and be part of the project!


Bethesda Game Studios
Adobe (As per original)
Niftools (As per original)
Autodesk (As per original)
The GIMP team

To all loyal Castlevania fans that still remember this old piece from 2012!

Special Thanks:

Michiru Yamane for giving me permission to use original soundtracks from the Castlevania games for PS2 and PSOne. (As per original)

SnakeDeShazer for converting the mod's meshes and textures to work with Special Edition!

To the actors:
-Stephen C. as St. Germain & Shaft (As per original)
-Torzelan as Alucard (As per original)
-Vereta as Dragonborn & Richter (Note that it's Vereta as well in game but I can't change that now. I made a misspell here.) (As per original)
-SnakeDeShazer as Hector's Voice (As per original)