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Smithing-made potions/poisons for the skilled Warrior who doesn't want to rely on alchemy and enchanting!

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Blacksmith-made potions for the skilled Warrior!

Bethesda.Net: [PC] | [X1]

╢What is this?
This is a semi-small addition to smithing that adds new potions/poisons in the form of "Oils".
These oils do the typical effects you'd expect for potions/poisons with my own personal tweaks, and are crafted using mostly smithing ingredients. Some examples are:


  Oil: Health I: A restorative oil to be applied to wounds. Restores Health every second for 10 seconds. (Does not stack.)
  Oil: Fire I: A fiery oil. Causes fire damage with every strike. Applies to a weapon and wears off after ten strikes.
  Oil: Waterwalking: A light but dense oil to be applied to the soles of boots. Allows you to walk on the surface of water for 30 seconds.
  Oil: Adrenaline: An oil that pulses with power. Once it is poured on the tongue, your reflexes are greatly enhanced. Time is temporarily slowed.


(Complete list of Oils in the "Docs" tab if you don't want them to be a surprise.)

╢Wait, what?
I like playing Warriors. But the problem with playing a "true" warrior (ie non-magic), is that you are cut off from the schools of magic and nifty things like enchanting and alchemy. Not to mention the conundrum of how to keep yourself healed.
Enter Smithing Oils!

╢How does this work?
For starters, this mod adds a new crafting station called [Oil Crafting Tools]. This station is exclusively portable.
To acquire it, simply craft it at any forge. Once you craft yours, you are ready to start!

Simply activate the crafting station within your inventory and the crafting menu will appear. From here you can craft all the materials needed to create your Oils. Typical crafting materials include an [Empty Bottle], a bit of ore and charcoal for base.

╢ Every Oil requires an [Empty Bottle] to craft.
(You can't just conjure one out of the air!) These are crafted with glass that can be purchased by general goods vendors, or you can craft your own glass with the right materials. 

╢ When you start out, you will have just the basic Oils. As you increase your Smithing skill, more oils will unlock. (Unlocking thresholds are around 25, 50, and 75 smithing skill.)

╢ Most Oils have Two Ranks to keep them useful through end game. Secondary ranks have an extra effect! 

╢ By default, the weapon enhancing Oils last for 10 strikes (or 10 arrows). You can craft Oil [Diluting Solution] to have them last for 30 strikes. They deal slightly less up-front damage than their standard counterpart, so plan wisely! 

Things to Note

 Most Oils scale with your Smithing skill! The rate is about 2% per level of Smithing. Crafting these Oils gives you a bit of Smithing experience as well!

 I recommend playing on Adept difficulty, or using a mod that changes the damage modifiers to be x1 Player Damage Dealt, otherwise an Oil that does 25 damage on Adept will only do 18.75 on Expert, 12.5 on Master, and 6.25 on Legendary.

 If you don't have an Empty Bottle in your inventory, no recipes will be available. 

╢ There are no Magicka Oils, nor are there oils to increase spell damage. This is made with a non-magic character in mind!

╢ These are not intended to be overpowered, and are not lore friendly obviously but I did try to make them explainable at best.

.::Resources used with permission, great thanks and credit. Please see Credits tab.::.