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A SKSE64 plug-in, fixes the bug that stupid enemies may stay in the water and look at you angrily but just don't come up.

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Don't Stay in The Water !

When you happen to be fighting an enemy in the water, because Skyrim cannot fight underwater, you must go ashore to continue the fight.

But your enemy, just staring at you angrily, just won't go ashore.
Do you think this is an AI error?

Each race has a flag to control whether they will fight in the water, but its setting is stupid, just like Skyrim itself has removed the function of underwater combat, and their underwater combat tags still work normally, which is very The bad thing.

NPC Water AI Fix (This Mod):It corrects the value of this flag, and only starts to find movable NPCs through lists during the game initialization phase and modify their values, so this plug-in will never affect your normal game process (You can understand it as just changing their attributes), this plugin is safe for any user.

The Mod I ported from Skyrim LE:  NPC AI Behavior Fixes-Plugin.
(Only the Water AI function of NPC is ported, because other functions may have better repairs in the special edition, or I am not able to do it temporarily.)

Let's see how enemies with smarter Water AI will fight the player in the water:

You can watch a video uploaded by a user to check the effect of this mod.

Precautions for plug-in use:

Version 1.0 does not use Address Library for SKSE Plugins, so it only supports Skyrim SE version 1.5.97. You cannot use it in older versions. (Not for the time being, I will add support for later versions)

In addition, it has no INI file, because it only needs to implement one function, so I don't want to do it. You only need to install it, make sure it is successfully loaded, and then it will take effect.

If you don't want to continue using its functions after installation, you only need to delete the Mod normally. It is an SKSE64 Plugin and will not affect the game data.

Happy gaming!