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Heights of Skyrim modifies the scale of every named NPC in Skyrim to implement height diversity, while also making specific characters live up to their descriptions. With HOS, exactly 860 unique characters from across Skyrim and Solstheim have been tweaked for a more immersive open-world experience.

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Understanding the problem

To explain how Heights of Skyrim modifies these values we first need to understand how Skyrim scales its NPCs. It's common knowledge that each race and gender uses a scale of 0.95-1.08, what isn't common knowledge is what these scales amount to in real-world digits. Based on the information provided by (Unit - Creation Kit) we can conclude that 128 units (1.00) are equivalent to 1.828m or 6' in height. The exact height of every race can then be calculated by multiplying 182.88cm with every race scale, which gives us the figures shown below (see: Base Scale).

              Base Scale (Vanilla)                                           Average HOS Heights

Race    Gender  Scale   Metric      Imperial                 Race        Gender  Avg (cm)       Avg (ft+in)

ArgonianMale1.01184.70886' 0.72"                 ArgonianMale    181.6679654    5' 11.52"
Breton  Male1.00182.88  6' 0.00"                 Breton  Male    177.87321185' 10.03"
DarkElf Male1.00182.88  6' 0.00"                 DarkElf Male    180.65231465' 11.12"
HighElf Male1.08197.51046' 5.76"                 HighElf Male    194.66222416' 4.64"
ImperialMale1.00182.88  6' 0.00"                 ImperialMale    180.70161785' 11.14"
Khajiit Male1.00182.88  6' 0.00"                 Khajiit Male    180.67812485' 11.13"
Nord    Male1.03188.36646' 2.16"                 Nord    Male    187.28138656' 1.73"
Orc     Male1.045   191.10966' 3.24"                 Orc     Male    191.92243236' 3.56"
RedguardMale1.005   183.79446' 0.36"                 RedguardMale    182.91218696' 0.01"
WoodElf Male0.98179.22245' 10.56"                WoodElf Male    176.30727875' 9.41"

ArgonianFemale  1.00182.88  6' 0.00"                 ArgonianFemale  172.7210160    5' 8.00"
Breton  Female  0.95173.736 5' 8.40"                 Breton  Female  170.76260495' 7.23"
DarkElf Female  1.00    182.88  6' 0.00"                 DarkElf Female  173.17143175' 8.18"
HighElf Female  1.08197.51046' 5.76"                 HighElf Female  184.78579256' 0.75"
ImperialFemale  1.00182.88  6' 0.00"                 ImperialFemale  173.23612805' 8.20"
Khajiit Female  0.95173.736 5' 8.40"                 Khajiit Female  170.54640015' 7.14"
Nord    Female  1.03188.36646' 2.16"                 Nord    Female  181.40770465' 11.42"
Orc     Female  1.045   191.10966' 3.24"                 Orc     Female  186.26266246' 1.33"
RedguardFemale  1.00    182.88  6' 0.00"                 RedguardFemale  174.65475435' 8.76"
WoodElf     Female  1.00182.88  6' 0.00"                 WoodElf Female  175.40020805' 9.06"

View the database here
 (Includes every NPC height)

Solving the problem
There are many mods that alter race scales, but none that edit the individual heights of every named NPC. Careful consideration has gone into each character, how they live, what they're known for and how they interact with the world around them. Those of noble upbringing, for example, may stand taller than characters from impoverished families, or beggars. Character race is also taken to account, so Nords will still be several inches taller than imperials on average, and Altmer will still be the tallest of the ten races by a landslide. This consideration also extends to a character's description, so 'Borkul the Beast', who stands as tall as any other Orc in the vanilla game will now be "Big, even for an Orc". View the figures above for the average heights of each race with HOS.

Borkul the Beast
 (was 6'3", now 7'0")
"Madanach's guard. Big, even for an Orc. Heard he ripped a man's arm off and beat him to death with it. He's old-fashioned like that."

Vipir the Fleet (was 6'2", now 5'10.5").
"I might not be as big as some of my fellow Nords, but in a fight they can barely lay a hand on me."

Kjeld the Younger (was 6'2", now 5'10")
"Mama, when can we go play in the river again?"
"Not with all those soldiers all over the hold. Their horses can't see you, you know."

Why wasn't this done in van
It was, but for only a few characters. Cicero for example stands at a height of 0.9 (5' 4.80") for most of the game. Erik, or Erik the Slayer, also stands at 0.98 (6' 0.67"), making him decidedly smaller than other Nords, though the best example is the Ebony Warrior, who stands at roughly 1.2 of Redguard height (7' 2.83").

Q: Is it safe to install mid-playthrough?
A: Yes

Q: ENB used in screenshots?
A: Picturesque

Q: Can I edit the values of any NPCs?
A: If you're unhappy with any of the character heights, such as your spouse, feel free to edit those values in SSEdit. Use this cheat sheet here.

Hitboxes: These are unchanged even with the effects of this mod, however, I have taken this into consideration when choosing values, and as the variations are generally quite minimal it should not have an effect on gameplay. This is also why the average female height is not lower.

Animation scaling: NPCs will automatically shrink or grow to 1.00 when they interact with chairs, enchanting tables, etc. This is present in the vanilla game and shouldn't be too noticeable here. Alternatively, you can use one of several mods that removes this effect.

Compatible with mods that diversify randomly generated NPCs (Bandits, Guards, etc)
Technically compatible with mods that change race scale, but this mod will accentuate those changes.
Compatible with USSEP (With provided patch).
Compatible with NPC overhauls (Requires Synthethis patch)

1. Download and install with a mod manager of your choice.
2. Install provided USSEP patch if necessary.

Load Order (Full Install)
(ESP Priority on the right side if you use MO2)
HOS - RSChildren.esp

Synthesis Patch
 If you use mods that alter NPC records, namely NPC overhauls such as Bijin or WICO, then you need to create a synthesis patch.

3: Install Synthesis and all its requirements.
4: Run Synthesis and use TheSkyS's Heights of Skyrim compatibility patch. (Github Repository)
(Note: you should load Heights_of_Skyrim.esp as high as possible to avoid conflicts when using the patcher. It must be placed above NPC overhauls)

NPCs that haven't been tweaked include:
Most major characters
Non-unique NPCs

Feel free to leave any suggestions, report any bugs or point out discrepancies in the database, thank you!