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This mod includes four large bird of prey companions including Hawk, Eagle, Raven, Vulture and Falcon.
This mod includes an ESL version along with a standard version.

Permissions and credits
These birds are a preview part of a larger mod that will feature 5 more birds of prey, a unique continent, unique armor and quests to be released later this year.


Triskal was  deep within the Thelbane forest and standing before the oak tree. The trees were thick around him and little light penetrated through the canopy of leaves above.  He sighed and looked around. Before him stood the oak tree, the home of the Rangers and his home since time could remember.  The tree was so much taller than the other forest trees and he marveled at the age, hundreds, no no...maybe thousands or tens of thousands of years old.  The mighty tree stood at the center of the forest and paths ran from it in many directions as far as he could see. This was his guild home known to the Rangers as Giant Oak. He looked up the length of the tree scanning and surveying the many branches and leaves. He could see the Ranger's bird companions, circling, hovering with their fierce calls screeching out.  Suddenly, much to Triskal's surprise four birds of prey broke off from the rest and flew off away from Giant Oak towards the sea. 

Many moons later on the continent of Tamriel four unique birds appeared. The locals of Whiterun say these large birds of prey can be seen circling and hovering an ancient long forgotten annex tree of the Ranger Guild just outside the town 

These large birds of prey can be set as companions:
  • Hawk
  • Eagle
  • Raven
  • Falcon
  • Vulture (Added Oct. 2022)

Where can I find the birds?
You can find the birds at the Annex Tree (visible on the world map) outside of Whiterun.

What are the mod dependencies or conflicts?
The only mod dependencies are base game and DLC.

What voices do the characters have?
Bird screech, vulture call and raven caw'ing.

Will they follow?
- Birds are not like followers in their behavior and are considered companions.  Birds will accompany you of their own accord. You have to catch them  and get a feather from them and then craft an amulet to have them follow.
- Allow some time for your bird companion to show up once you put on the amulet.  They will only travel to you if you are outside a certain range. 
- They will not join you in every battle and will often follow from a distance hovering near and landing every so often. If you need aerial help in a battle, you have to summon your bird to you.
- You can learn the summon spell by crafting or finding  a spell tome book to summon them to you during combat while they are your companion. You can only summon the same bird for the amulet you are wearing.
WARNING: Only use amulets to make birds follow. Follower mods tested caused the birds to perform some strange type of bird contortions that just looked painful and weird. 

Help? How do I get a feather if it is not working for me?
Here are the steps to trouble-shoot:
1. Try meeting the birds first by trying to talk to them then go into the annex tree house and come back out again to see if the dialog option works. This also resets the birds so they all hover around the tree stump. Sometimes this step will fix a dialog bug and the "Catch Bird" dialog will work.
2. You can use this step to add a feather or an amulet. If the feathers will not appear try searching for the amulet instead.
Type: ~
Type: Help Amulet
The amulet ID numbers will be listed.
Type: player.additem (amulet ID number) 1
This will then add the amulet into your apparel inventory. Once you equip the amulet the bird will be a companion or if you use these steps for a feather the feather will be in your inventory so you can make an amulet.

Will bird followers affect my stealth?
Nope...sneak away!

Do they level with you?

All bird follower companions are at level 25.

Are they essential or protected?
Bird companions are essential and free to fly without being subject to the dangers of Skyrim and a sad untimely bird death.

Can you make an owl, phoenix, bat, vulture or  parrot also?
They will be added to my other mods and my Realms of the Dragon mod releasing someday.

Can you change ???? it conflicts with ???? mod?
Sorry I cannot account for every mod that is out there and will not make changes for a specific mod. 

Can I give them a unique name?
So you want to name your bird of prey, Mr. Big Birdy? This mod should work for renaming your follower: Jaxonz Renamer

Can you make the bird land on my shoulder or my arm or something else cool like that?
I have built this mod to the best of my limited modding capability. If I am able to figure out how to do that or if someone wants to tutor me on it, I will add the functions to a future update.

Many Thanks
Meamnar:Alu'drial (open source d20 campaign): Alu'drial is a fictional continent, the primary setting within the world of Meamnar, a d20 campaign setting.

Thanks to the amazing modders who shared their resources including:


Mr. Siika converted by Tamira for Ravens and Vultures:

Other models sourced from CGTrader - why not consider supporting a 3D artist for your next modding project.

CorvustheFallen for his feedback and input.

Thanks to the Realms of the Dragon mud and derivative muds Dawn of Dragons and Realms of Redemption and all the Players that made the game special. These text based games defined my RPG gaming future, and my forever love of Rangers and their bird companions.

Other Mods:
Look for my Realms of the Dragon Mud mod with new Alu'drial continent, new guilds, new towns, new armors, unique animals and additional birds of prey coming later this year or early next year (I hope).

Check out my other mods here: Adventurer1111 Mods