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Tonal Architect adds a high quality Dwemer themed collection of spells, themed around devices, tinkering and automatons. It is similar in style to the Triumvirate classes.

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  • Tonal Architect adds Dwemer themed spells to the game, which are built instead of bought.
  • Strong Dwemer theme revolving around devices and makeshift staves with custom models.
  • Follows the "three schools per class, 15 spells per class" style of Triumvirate.

The tonal architect

The Tonal Architect builds devices and automatons like the Dwemer in whose footsteps he walks.

Tonal Architects have little in the way of direct damage, but have an array of disabling and offensive devices. Their attacks take the form of traps and the makeshift staves they build via the Manufacture spell. They can also build automatons, which they can upgrade with weapon charge. Several of their spells require Scrap (the various dwemer clutter items such as Decorative Struts and Cogs) to cast.


  • (Novice) Scald: A brief steam release for 10 fire damage per second. Automatons gain 100% speed for 10 seconds.
  • (Apprentice) Arc Mine: Mine that casts lightning arcs at random targets for 15 shock damage to Health and Magicka.
  • (Adept) Compression Blast: Releases steam around the caster for 40 fire damage. Automatons gain 100% speed for 10 seconds.
  • (Expert) Piston Mine: Mine that ejects incendiary projectiles upwards for 100 fire damage. Targets on fire take extra damage.
  • (Master) Radio Bomb: Spend Scrap to place a remote change and equip a detonator. Using more Scrap increases its power.

Mines have unlimited duration, but self destruct when the caster leaves their immediate area. They attack indiscriminately, but deal no damage to the caster. An upgrade exists to make them buff the caster instead.


  • (Novice) Create Dwarven Spider: Create a Dwarven Spider for 120 seconds. Feed it weapon charge to energize it and activate Shock Web.
  • (Apprentice) Manufacture: Spend Scrap to equip a chosen Dwarven Staff for 10 minutes. Using more Scrap increases its power.
  • (Adept) Create Dwarven Sphere: Create a Dwarven Sphere for 120 seconds. Feed it weapon charge to energize it and activate Self-Repair.
  • (Expert) Create Dwarven Thresher: Create a Dwarven Thresher for 120 seconds. Feed it weapon charge to energize it and activate Blades.
  • (Master) Create Dwarven Homunculus: Create a Dwarven Homunculus for dur seconds. Feed it weapon charge to energize it and activate Magnetize.


  • (Novice) Crank Mine: Mine that releases pressure blasts to reduce the armor of nearby targets by 25 points. This effect stacks.
  • (Apprentice) Aetheric Warp: Enchant your power attacks for dur seconds to do 10 magic damage and pull foes to the nearest mine or bomb.
  • (Adept) Grounding Mine: Mine that casts aetheric beams that drain 80 points of Magicka and Stamina.
  • (Expert) Power Stroke: Enchant your power attacks for 60 seconds to do 50 magic damage and launch targets with a pneumatic blast.
  • (Master) Breakdown Cascade: Drains 50 points of Magicka and Stamina per second for 30 seconds from all targets, except automatons.

Makeshift staves (created by the Manufacture spell)

  • (Novice) Shock Arc: Lightning arc that does 10 points of shock damage to Health and Magicka at close range.
  • (Apprentice) Flak Burst: Fragmenting sphere that does 10 points of bleed damage per second for 2 seconds.
  • (Apprentice) Repair: Repairs a Dwarven automaton 20 points per second, and boosts both armor rating and magic resistance.
  • (Adept) Suppression Beam: Does 10 magic damage per second and weakens the target 100% to mines and summoned automatons.
  • (Adept) Bthan Anum: Mining beam that does 20 points of fire damage at close range. Targets on fire take extra damage.
  • (Expert) Energy Sphere: Charged sphere that emits electrical arcs at nearby targets for 50 shock damage to Health and Magicka.
  • (Master) Purefire: Alchemical fire that burns through resistances, dealing 40 damage per second. Long cast time.

These scale with Conjuration skill level.

Upgrades (rewarded by the Dwarven Research quest)

  • Arkenlight: Toggle an artificial light source. Drains charge, which regenerates in daylight.
  • Galvaplating: Whenever you or a summoned automaton kills an enemy, 5% chance to find Scrap on the corpse.
  • Supercharger: Your Arc Mine and Grounding Mine have the opposite effect on you and your summoned automaton.

The Supercharger upgrade also improves the gun damage of your teammates within range of the bongo and recharges your Tesla faster.

How to get the spells

The spells are built out of dwemer resources at any Forge.

Novice spells are available from the start of the game, but higher level spells only become available when your skill level in the school reaches 25, 50, 75 or 100. Master spells additionally require completion of the Dwarven Research quest that is started by using the spells.


This mod can be installed during a playthrough.

Note that there need to be 3 uncleared dwemer dungeons to be able to start the Dwarven Research quest and obtain its rewards.


  • How long is the typical dwemer beard: Roughly 10^35 Planck lengths.
  • Are there any secrets in this mod: The scientific method encourages experimentation in order to reject the null hypothesis.
  • Is this compatible with Dwemertech: All of the third party ports of Dwemertech to SSE seem to be broken at the moment, so no.