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Masterworks all, you can't go wrong. Raises the stats of the respective Imperial sets to match steel and leather.

Permissions and credits

Evocati Imperio‎ makes Imperial armor sets' base stats match the leather and steel sets.
ESP flagged as an ESL, so won't count towards the 256 plugin limit. Requires USSEP.

The following equipment was changed:
  • Imperial (Heavy) Set - Base armor rating boosted to match steel.
  • Imperial Light Set - Base armor rating boosted to match leather*.
  • Penitus Oculotus Set - Base armor rating boosted to match leather.
  • General Tullius's Armor - Base armor rating boosted to match steel.
  • General Falx Carius's Armor - Base armor rating boosted to match steel.

* I boosted the Imperial Light Shield to the base armor rating of Elven. Hide was pretty weak.

Install & Uninstall

Safe to add or remove at any time, but I can't promise the stats of fortified gear would be corrected.

Install by running the FOMOD with your mod manager, or drop any plugins you need in your data folder.
Uninstall by deactivating and deleting the mod in your mod manager, or by deleting the plugins from your data folder.


Incompatible and redundant with WACCF. It includes similar stat changes to all gear's progression. My mod wouldn't be needed.
Incompatible with mods that edit Imperial Heavy, Light, Penitus, Tullius's, or Carius's armors. Let one overwrite the other, or do a quick patch in xEdit.
Compatible with Imperial Armors Reform. See the FOMOD installer for the provided patch, with a complimentary IAR+USSEP patch.
Compatible with mods that add new Legion-like armors. The only catch is, assuming they have the same stats as vanilla sets, they'd be inconsistent.
Compatible with mods that edit or add Legion NPCs. Civil War overhauling mods, patrol mods, guard mods, ect., should all work fine.
Fully compatible with anything else.