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Introduces silver arrows into the game: complete with crafting, leveled list integration, fitting NPC distribution and patches for various mods.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to introduce silver arrows in a lore-friendly and balanced way, the following additions are made:

Ammunition: Silver Arrow;
 - Damage: 10 (Steel Arrow: 10)
 - Value: 3 (Steel Arrow: 2)
 - Weight: 0.1 (Steel Arrow: 0.1)
 - Additional Effects: When hitting an enemy who is either undead (skeletons, vampires, draugr), a ghost or a werewolf / werebear the target is set aflame, dealing 12 additional fire damage over the duration of 3 seconds
 - Uses the steel arrow model + textures
// I have no experience with texturing so I had to use a existing arrow type, steel seemed the most fitting

Leveled List & NPC Integration;
 - Blacksmiths can sell silver arrows starting from level 1
 - Silver arrows have a chance of appearing as loot and on NPCs once level 7 has been reached. This includes bandits but not undead like Draugr
 - Silver Hand members will always utilize silver arrows instead of regular ones

 - Requirements: "Steel Smithing" Perk
 - Recipe: 1 Silver Ingot + 1 Firewood
 - Result: 24 Silver Arrows

The following optional files are available:

Silver Arrows - Instant Damage;
 - The 12 extra damage is now dealt instantly without any flame effects

CCOR Patch - Crafting Changes;
 - Adjusts the crafting requirements to be in-line with CCOR: the silver smithing perk requirement has to be reached and both arrow- and silver recipes have to be enabled inside the CCOR MCM
 - Adds a breakdown recipe: 40 silver arrows will result in a single silver ingot

WACCF-esque Patch - Projectile Changes;
 - The WACCF projectile values are utilized instead of the vanilla ones to increase consistency, e.g. projectile speed is increased and the gravity value reduced. WACCF itself is not a requirement

KYE Patch - Additional Effect Changes;
 - The object effect now utilizes the KYE "Ghostly" and "Undead" perks instead of the vanilla "ActorTypeUndead" and "ActorTypeGhost" keywords

KYE Patch - Instant Damage - Additional Effect Changes;
 - The object effect now utilizes the KYE "Ghostly" and "Undead" perks instead of the vanilla "ActorTypeUndead" and "ActorTypeGhost" keywords. The extra damage is now dealt instantly without any flame effects

Known Issues:
 - Arrows disappear when not hitting an enemy, i.e. when being shot into the ground
// This is due to the object effect implementation: Ammunition / Projectiles can't have an object effect, meaning that an alternate solution was required. The Dawnguard explosive bolts were used as a basis for this, meaning that silver arrows technically explode upon impact which removes the arrow as a result. However, arrows which actually hit an enemy can be picked up from their corpse so this is only a minor issue. If anyone knows of any alternate ways to implement magic effects for projectiles let me know and I'll do my best to fix this issue.

 - Any mods which also add to / adjust the same leveled lists / NPCs will technically not be compatible.
// I can only encourage everyone to spend a few hours learning how to use xEdit, minor conflicts can usually be resolved within a few minutes. Creating a bashed patch will also resolve any conflicts but taking a look yourself is always a good idea

Note: Prefer crossbows? Use this mod: I used the same damage values so damage remains consistent across both mods.

Credits (don't forget to endorse these!);
 -, the xEdit team for creating SSEEdit
 -, kryptopyr for creating 'Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered'
 -, tjhm4 for creating 'Know Your Enemy - Trait-based resistances and weaknesses'