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Zer0o123 and TheSkyseS

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Gives undead damage resistance against most of the weapons. Uses SPID to provide compatibility for most mods.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to increase the toughness of all undead against nonmagical weapons, similar to Lore Friendly Ghosts and Draugr Nonmagical Damage Resistance (feel free to endorse those mods).

What this mod does:
  • A perk is Distributed to all Undead (except Vampires by default) via Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID).
  • Decreases all nonmagical damage taken by 25%/50%/75%, unless the attacker uses one of the following:
    • Silver weapons
    • Daedric weapons and artifacts
    • Dawnguard weapons
    • Dragonbone weapons
    • Bound weapons
  • Accounts for the arrow and bolt material instead of bow/crossbow material.


 - Should be compatible with everything, including new weapons and enemies, as long as the mod uses the same vanilla keywords, e.g. WeapMaterialSilver to designate a silver weapon and ActorTypeUndead to mark undead NPCs. KID is used to ensure compatibility with mods that add new bound weapon types.

Plugin is already marked as ESPFE/ESL/Light plugin - whatever you call it.

Note: Do not rename the .esp, you will break the functionality of the mod unless you also adjust the name inside both distribution files!

  • Zer0o123 for the original mod
  • the xEdit team for creating xEdit
  • powerofthree for creating 'Spell Perk Item Distributor' and 'Keyword Item Distributor'
  • The Dark Lady Lexy and the Lexy's LOTD team for being nice and good people.