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This mod adds 13 new head pieces and 3 new weapons to the Forsworn leveled lists. It also includes replacement models for the Armor of the Old Gods, as well as all the existing Forsworn weaponry, including Briarheart Geis.

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I've always felt like the Forsworn never got enough love from the original game developers.Their weapon set wasn't complete, and most of them don't look very practical. This coupled with the lack on additional armor variants makes for a very lackluster experience when encountering vanilla Forsworn.

This mod seeks to remedy this by adding 13 new head pieces and 3 new weapons to the Forsworn leveled lists. Ive also replaced the models for all of the vanilla Forsworn weapons, Briarheart Geis, and Armor of the Old Gods.


This mod does make changes to the Forsworn leveled lists, so if you are using a mod like Forsworn Armor Redux, you will want to make a bash patch.
This mod will also conflict with any mods that change the models of the Forsworn weapons and Armor of the Old Gods.


testiger2 for Giants Cloth Armor

ghosu for various weapons and helmets

TheDNightshade for TDN Bosmer Skull Headdresses

Jokerine for High Resolution Horker Tusk

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