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Adds a set of 4 enchantable, craftable stones that float around the head. Based on Ioun's Stones from D&D.

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  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • French

Ioun's stones, were magical stones that floated (yes, they're animated!) around a bearer's head and granted a range of enhancements or powers to a creature.

What this mod includes: 

Crimson Ioun Stone
• Biped Slot 58

Emerald Ioun Stone
• Biped Slot 57

Amber Ioun Stone
• Biped Slot 56

Cobalt Ioun Stone
• Biped Slot 55

• Allows the use of other helmets while a stone/s are equipped. This allows you to have multiple helmet enchants.
• Each stone has 0 armor rating and cannot be refined.
• All 4 may be worn at the same time, but you cannot equip more than 1 of each type.

ENB Particle Lights are used for light emission. Without ENB, there will be no light.
•  Light intensity will vary based on your ENB settings


• All are crafted at the forge under the Jewelry category. The expense is intentional.

Known Bugs/Issues:

• Will conflict with anything that uses one of the above biped slots.
• Weird Transparency on Inventory screen (SE only)


• Mod Manager / Manual Extraction to the Skyrim Data folder.


1) When are you going to make _____ next?
• All in good time, older mods are being revised.

2) Can you do this and this and this?
• No!

If for some reason the files do not work, cause crashes
or any other problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All screenshots are taken directly from the game and resized down from 1920x1080 to 1280x720. No other editing has been done. 

Under no circumstance is this mod allowed to be uploaded to another website without my given permission. No permission will be granted in regards to porting to console.