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A miscellany of patches for EmbersXD v2.2.4+ only (EmbersXD.esp is the master) for Campfire, InnCredible, Farmhouse Inns and Fall of Granite Hill.

Permissions and credits
ESL flagged patch to replace Campfire's meshes with Embers XD's.  Load after the Campfire.esm and Embers XD esp.

ESL flagged patch to remove floating Embers XD fires in inns and to adjust fire type to the best EmbersXD meshes for InnCredible fireplaces. Load this patch after EmbersXD and InnCredible esps.

Farmhouse Inns
ESL flagged - Fixes a number of issues when using Skyrim Farmhouse Inns with Embers XD.

Fall of Granite Hill
ESL flagged - Adds Embers XD firepit to the inn.