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Official Special Edition conversion of Kozakowy's Mythic Dawn Priestess Outfit.

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This is the official port of Kozakowy's Mythic Dawn Priestess Outfit UNP CBBE, for female UNP and CBBE bodies. 

Meshes and textures have been optimized for Skyrim SE with Ousnius' SSE Nif Optimizer, and the ESP has been updated in the Skyrim SE Creation Kit. 

To get the gown in-game either:
a) follow the instructions from the original mod page (copied below) to find the outfit
b) use the console command "help 'mythic dawn priestess' to obtain the ID codes and "player.additem [ID code] [number of copies]"
b) I would highly recommend you use AddItemMenu

You can find the original mod here:
Kozakowy's Mythic Dawn Priestess Outfit UNP CBBE


Q. Does this have physics support/can you add physics?
A. No and no. Kozakowy is the owner and author of these files and I only have permission to port them and make minor changes as necessary to fix bugs/glitches due to the conversion process. As I understand Kozakowy is continuously working on improvements for their outfits and maybe one day there will be physics.

Q. Why do I have a neck/hand seam?
A. The outfit is designed, with no weight adjustments, for a 0 (zero) body weight. If you wish to eliminate any neck and hand seams reset your weight appropriately.

Q. [For CBBE Users] Why do my hands look different?
A. The Mythic Dawn Priestess Outfit uses a custom body sculpt, which is based on the CBBE body from Skyrim Legendary Edition. There are changes in the mesh, including it's shape, between CBBE Legendary Edition and CBBE Special Edition. When equipping the Mythic Dawn Priestess Outfit your character's body is also changed out for the custom sculpted CBBE Legendary Edition body, which has a different mesh shape around the wrists, resulting in a large gap between the hands and the arms. To fix this gap, the CBBE Legendary Edition hands have been included as a part of the 'body swap' when equipping the Mythic Dawn Priestess outfit.

What follows below is from the original mod page. If you love Kozakowy's work, please stop by, download and endorse the original.


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Big thanks to my Patrons who followed and supported this project all the time :) and in particular:

Aikas <3
Andrew Grabauskas
ArchMageLilith <3
Daniel Blick
Hoang Duc Minh <3
Ian Elliott
John Alexander Gomez
Maria Zabolotnaja
Marieke van den Burg
Michael Stovall <3
Mighty Doodlebug
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Y.M <3

1. Description:

It's a female mage outfit with features similar to the Archmage's Robes. I
placed it somewhere around the Mythic Dawn cult quest since I thought it
quite fits an image of a sun priestess, a powerful mage lady or even a
cult leader.

Consists of:

- a Headdress (with a hairdo added from Kalilies pack) - solid and openwork versions
- a Halo version of the Headdress
- a Necklacer - solid and openwork versions
- a Bodice part with Skirts and Jewelry - solid and openwork versions
- a pair of Bracers - solid and openwork versions
- a cape
- a pair of claws

2. Known issues (PLEASE READ BEFORE USING!!! ):

- there's no weightslider compatibility so please turn the weight down to zero to avoid hand and feet seams
- some clipping may occur especially in the legs area - it's impossible
to keep the legs and get rid of all the clipping - believe me ;)
- female only
the hair may loose color from time to time - equipping the Headdress again should solve the problem
- requires SKSE
- I suggest using default UNP and CBBE hands to avoid clipping in this area

3. How to get it in game:

The outfit is hidden in a chest in Silus Vesuius's House in Dawnstar - See the instructional image in the gallery!

You can also get it via console:
- type in console 'help "priestess" ' , you will get all needed IDs.
- type in console 'player.additem XXX Y'. XXX means necessary ID, Y means count of items you want.

4. Installation:

- I suggest using MO or NMM you can also extract the package manually.

5. Uninstallation:

- again I suggest using MO or NMM or you can remove the .esp file and mod's folders

6. Terms of use:

- You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites without permission. 
- You have to ask me first if you want to use any part of this mod in your own such as follower mod, mashup mod, etc.
- You have to ask me first if you want to convert the outfit to other bodies.
- You have to ask me first if you want to recolor/retexture the outfit.
- You are not allowed to publicily share any your modification of this mod, private sharing is allowed.
- You are not allowed to convert this outfit to other games.

If you have any questions please ask.

7. Special thanks and credits:

To Kalilies for letting me use her hairstyle with the mod and for all the help.
To Ashara I learned a lot looking at her mods.
To tinaask24 for some very essential help with this mod and being the most active and supporting Patron of all :)
To AlterNative for being a supportive Patron and for doing the wonderful Karlov Manor Mod which is a perfect playground for modders and screenarchers.
To all my current "Habsburg" Patrons: Aikas, Andrew Grabauskas, Antonio, ArchMageLilith, Chephren, Daniel Blick,
Halidors, Hoang Duc Minh, Ian Elliott, James, John Alexander Gomez,
Maria Zabolotnaja, Marieke van den Burg, Marjolein, Michael Stovall, Mighty Doodlebug, Nico1001, Rae Emm, Rianvo, Sforza666, TheDaedricDoll, Tinaa Slobodnik, Winterose, Y.M

8. Community thanks:

BlackMaid, Ista3, polingc, lesjones, klaxoid, ShmooZ, Corfus, Misslexi, Roksa,
ajhardy, Zerofrost, Nataly1q2w3e4r5t, Beba, gurleygirl, dianka33,
DonProtein, antistar, Bison1967, ArchMageLilithianna,
Sparrowjuice, ShinglesCat, anaphiel, FastBlackCat, Excellentium, Kayol,
Kalilies, Pandorable, RaenielCuthalion, popkorn666, sorca97, Artsick,
Dovahkiinathay, serkethetyt, and so on... :)

I'm always grateful for supporting and inspiring me all the time.

9. Videos

Mythic Dawn Priestess among the Best Armor Mods of 2021 compilation by Odysseus Gaming