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Allows you to hide any quest in your journal. Comes with an easy to use MCM menu and an ESL flagged plugin.

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Hide Your Quests

  • You can show or hide any quest displayed in your journal, including titled, miscellaneous, and finished quests (the greyed out ones.)
  • Works with every mod, including mods that come with light plugins.
  • Safe to install and safe to uninstall. Safe to clean up its data in the save file using Resaver/Fallrim tools.
  • Comes with an option to automatically show or hide new objectives for hidden quests.
  • And also an option to automatically show or hide all finished quests, all without changing your previous selections.
  • Compatible with the latest version of SSE Engine Fixes, and likely future versions too.
  • The code is open source and completely made from scratch. It's also available on GitHub.

  • Skyrim SE 1.5.97
  • SKSE 2.0.17+
  • SkyUI 5.2SE+

  • After making a change in the MCM menu, you'll need to close and reopen your journal to see the changes.
  • If you are experiencing the vanilla bug that causes some active quests to go missing, try disabling the MCM option "Show Finished Quests" to clear up some space in your journal.

  • Ellewyn at NexusMods for the suggestion, name of the mod, screenshots, play-testing, bug reports, constructive criticism, support, and inspiration! This mod simply wouldn't exist without you Ellewyn and you were there every step of the way, so thank you!
  • The SKSE team and the CommonLibSSE team for showing how it's done. You guys are a huge inspiration for all the work I've put into my Skylib library, which runs this mod, so thank you!
  • To all of you who enjoy and/or endorse my work, you make it worth while creating and sharing these mods. Thank you!
  • Special thanks to GamerPoets for showcasing our mod!: