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This modification adds a nice player armory with two different wings for LOTD's Safehouse, providing a new and comfy place to display armor, weapons and shields not covered by Legacy and it's patches. Comes with 27 new paintings to place by some talanted artists.

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Hello and welcome to this mod's page!

Private Armory is an unofficial modification for Legacy of the Dragonborn that adds a two new places to store your weapons, armor and shields for those who need a comfy place to return and see their stuff that isn't displayed in original Legacy halls. While you can store and display your gear in Legacy's east and weast armory wings I've always wanted something more cozy that adds some beauty to my collection. And don't forget the paintings - those are beautiful!

Legacy's Private Armory places two new doors in Legacy's safehouse that lead to two Private Armory wings to display your armor, weapons and shields.

In Dragon Wing you'll find 4 rooms designed differently so you could choose what gear you want to display there and what gear you want to display here according to your taste.

  • Main hall: 16 mannequins and 8 new paintings
  • Mannequin room: 22 mannequins, weapon racks and 4 new paintings
  • Hall of ice: lots of racks for weapons and shields, 1 painting
  • Dragon room: 10 mannequins and lots of shield-weapon racks, 2 huge paintings

So it should be 48 mannequins, more than 150 places for your weapons and more than 60 for your shields. Plus you can equip shields to the mannequins.

In Glory wing you'll find another 4 different rooms so you can choose what goes where and have some freedom to design :)

  • Main hall: 20 mannequins and 4 big paintings
  • Dagger room: 8 mannequins, 24 dagger racks, 20 weapon racks, 7 shield racks and 3 paintings
  • Azura room: 8 mannequins, 30 weapon racks, 16 shield racks and 2 paintings
  • Dwemer room: 8 mannequins, 30 weapon racks, 12 shield racks and 2 paintings

It's 44 mannequins, 80 weapon racks, 24 dagger racks, 35 shield racks and 11 paintings.
I tried to not add any unnecessary clutter because so many weapons and armors is already enough for weaker systems.

All the paintings in this mod are real art from some talanted people and from TES: Legends that also fits quite well. All of them are places just like you place your paintings in another rooms and cound towards your exposition numbers. I won't be spoiling the art in the screenshots section so you can enjoy placing them yourselves and see what's there.

As of 1.3 this mod is no more ESL flagged because of it's size. If anything, use 1.2 that'll be staying there for those who can't afford to use a slot.

Should be compatible with everything.
Compatible with Safehouse Plus, I use it with this mod. Finally you shouldn't sacrifice your desired rooms for armory and vice versa.
For the sake of compatibility I didn't add the armory to Curator's guide but inside you will find a little notice board with teleport activators to main sections of the Museum and it's like 5 seconds after you are in a Safehouse so it shouldn't really be a problem. The same could be said about buying it from the trader like other rooms in safehouse - it's free and it's there from the moment you obtain your safehouse key. Not only I'm not a scripter myself but want this mod to be as bug-free as it can be.

Future plans:
Who knows.

Just use your favorite mod manager.

Credits and thanks:

Bethesda for making Skyrim
Legacy of the Dragonborn team for making this beautiful mod that I really like
Icecreamassassin personally for his fight against the mannequins. Keep it up dude)
My girlfriend for advices

Art that I used: Thanks to all the artists for the art I used in my mod. You guys are so talanted and amazing!

Zenimax Studios for TES: Legends art
Lily Abdullina for her Khajit artwork
Satyaki Sarkar for his Twin Peaks artwork
Amanieu Rebu for his Blackreach and Whiterun artworks
Dominik Zdenković for his Molag Amur and Nordic Ruins artworks
Sergey Vasnev for his Northern Legend artwork