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A mod port of my own Oldrim mod This mod in short, overhauls Civil war quest battles by adding new units specifically designed for to show up in Hold battles and Fort battles.

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After a month later since the release of the original mod, The wait for it to be converted to the remastered edition is finally here!  Here's a description list covering these new enemies/allies depending on what side of the war you're on:


STORMCLOAK ARCHER - Regular bowmen limited to CQC with dagger (CLASS LEVEL: SUPPORT)


STORMCLOAK WARMONGER - Barbarian-styled warriors that can decimate Imperial Soldiers in CQC (CLASS LEVEL: ENFORCER)

STORMCLOAK ROGUE - Thief-Class styled stormcloaks that uses enchanted daggers and also wield bow (CLASS LEVEL: INFILTRATOR)

STORMCLOAK SPELLSWORD - Stormcloak Mages that uses one-handed sword while using destructive spells on left hand (CLASS LEVEL: ASSAULT)

STORMCLOAK HEAVY - Soldiers equipped with anceint nord set and wield warhammers to push through legion heavy troopers relentlessly (CLASS LEVEL: HEAVY)

STORMCLOAK WIZARD - Stormcloak mages that heavily relies on destructive spells both handed and can deal serious aoe damage to legionnaires ( CLASS LEVEL: BOSS SUPPORT) 

STORMCLOAK THRASHER - Steel plate Armored Stormcloaks that has medium resistance to magic damage and also equipped with magic resistance shield and enchanted mace (CLASS LEVEL: ENFORCER)

STORMCLOAK BLADEMASTER - Stormcloak Swordsman who is excellently skilled in swords, dual wields enchanted swords (CLASS LEVEL:  INFILTRATOR)

STORMCLOAK VANGUARD - A Stormcloak Knight who wields a greatsword and is swift as deadly. (CLASS LEVEL: BOSS ASSAULT)

STORMCLOAK AVENGER - A Battle-readied That has slightly more health than Vangaurd (CLASS LEVEL: BOSS ASSAULT)

STORMCLOAK OFFICER - Stormcloak Field Commanders who's task is to simply lead troops on the Battlefronts, They're slightly different from Stormcloak Generals except they have a total of 3 health potions. (CLASS LEVEL: OFFICER)

INSURGENT-GIANT - An Insurgent faction of giants who has allied with Ulfric Stormcloak, Just one can destroy a legionnaire field army with ease, They're like walking tanks for the Stormcloak Army. (CLASS LEVEL: BOSS-ENFORCER)


IMPERIAL ARCHER - Standard bowmen limited to cqc with dagger (CLASS LEVEL: SUPPORT)

IMPERIAL SOLDIER - Standard cannon fodder infantrymen (CLASS LEVEL: ASSAULT)

IMPERIAL ORC TROOPER- Orismer units who wears heavy legion armor and also carries an orcish-battleaxe to cleave off heads of the sons and daughters of Skyrim. They're vicious as brutal in combat. (CLASS LEVEL: ENFORCER)

IMPERIAL ASSASSIN - Argonian and Khajiit soldiers tasked in stealth but deadly combat, They mainly use invisibility potion and paralyzing daggers to easily deceive and kill their enemies swiftly. They'll slice through regular stormcloak soldiers and leave their bodies falling apart, Also they can chase you down if you attempt to run away from them or flee from a losing battle. (CLASS LEVEL: INFILTRATOR BOSS)

IMPERIAL WIZARD - Regular Shadow legionnaires that have firebolt, low level healing, and oakflesh.(CLASS LEVEL: SUPPORT)

IMPERIAL HEAVY TROOPER - Infantrymen that wears Heavy armor, They cannot be staggered due to their defensive playstyle for relying heavily on shield blocking and bashing, However they have very poor melee skills, So you can overwhelm them with any kind of attacks. (CLASS LEVEL: SUPPORT because of said info)

IMPERIAL BATTLEMAGE - Shadow legionnaires that plays like walking cannons, They'll shoot out fireballs that can destroy groups of Stormcloak soldiers with ease, They have good advantage long-range, But The drawback is that they're helpless against CQC even with fast-healing. (CLASS LEVEL: SUPPORT BOSS)

IMPERIAL CENTURION - Heavy armored imperial soldiers that relies on warhammer for clobbering. They're identifiable by wearing fully closed imperial-helmet.

IMPERIAL-RANGER - Bosmer Legion archers that uses bows and arrows than the standard imperial archers due to their kind's traditionalistic nature, But they lack dagger to defend themselves from melee sadly. (CLASS LEVEL: SUPPORT)

IMPERIAL CONJURER - Elite Shadow Legion Dunmer who uses flaming wolves as homing grenades and is talented at using shock spells from long-range, Slightly stronger than Imperial Battlemage but he lacks healing. (CLASS LEVEL: SUPPORT BOSS)

IMPERIAL LEGATE: Imperial Legates who's task is to simply lead troops on the Battlefront, They're slightly different from Imperial Generals except they have a total of 3 health potions, Equally plays the same as Stormcloak Officer (CLASS LEVEL: OFFICER)

And now for Compatibilities:
Open Civil War (Quest mod that fully restores cut holds quests):

Civil war Major sieges Upscaled (Adds extra vanilla soldiers to City battles only):

Will work just fine with Civil war Aftermath, As the mod only focuses on destroying enemy camps and assasinating commanders:

Civil War Overhaul and Civil War Overhaul redux, Because they do the same spawn leveled lists in related fort and city battles.

Any other mods that changes up Civil war leveled lists, And goes more beyond just having them appear in quest battles like being in camps and patrolling on roads. Like Civil War equipment organization for one example.


Bethesda - For working on this mod in the Creation kit for about a week.

Star Wars Battlefront: I got inspired from the game's class-rank titles.

Origin of how the mod started out can be found here: