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This is a very simple patch for the LOTD backpacks that adds a slight penalty to them. There is no negative side to wearing backpacks, which feels strange to me. This mod forces the player to decide whether they want the extra carry space for a slight stamina and movement speed debuff, which can be crucial in combat

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Have you ever felt like wearing a backpack in Skyrim is a no brainer? Is it not kind of strange that wearing a massive pack on your back has zero negative effects while still letting you benefit from the extra space? Well, fear not! This mod completely rams you in the ass!

- Deanos bottomless pack has a 20% move speed debuff and a 32% stamina debuff. I believe that is a fair amount considering 200 extra carry weight.
- The black and brown packs have a 15% movement speed debuff and 25% stamina debuff 

Less taxing version (Optional files)
- Deanos 10% move speed debuff + 20% stamina regen debuff
- Black and brown packs 8% move speed debuff + 15% stamina regen debuff

Basically, just a slight movement speed and stamina regen debuff to wearing backpacks from legacy of the Dragonborn. Here for you immersion freaks just like myself

- Install using MO2 and overwrite Legacy of the Dragonborn / Or manually place esp in the same folder as Legacy of the Dragonborn

I have decent knowledge of the creation kit, however, I can completely understand how daunting it is to go through the process of learning how the software works just for a small tweak. So if there are any fixes that you think would be good to make, and don't really get CK, then let me know and I could have a look at it :)

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