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Buy skill xp with gold

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This mod allows the player to but skill level XP using the Mod Configuration Menu. It's currently 1 gold for 1 xp.

While the core feature is working, i have not thoroughly tested the mod and am still adding major features. So feedback is hugely appreciated

compatible with everything unless it somehow has scripts with the exact same filenames.

Balanced leveling is designed to work alongside this mod:

Planned features:
  • Display XP required for next skill level. Done in  0.2
  • Set default slider value to xp required to reach next skill level Done in  0.2
  • Add tool tip explaining the xp to gold ratio (its one to one) - coming in next update
  • add options for player to set their own xp costs
  • Add button above each slider to instantly buy one full level (assuming the player has enough gold).
  • purchasable perk points
  • option to disable normal skill gains
  • options to charge money to save
  • option to charge money to save player from death
  • purchase other actor values and attributes, like carry weight or health.
  • Give buffs for holding onto otherwise useless collectables. Such as +1% damage and carry weight for each Troll Skull held. + attributes for each gem. This will be a separate mod, it doesn't really fit into the scope of this one.
Unlikely to happen:
  • do something about trainers

See my devblog here:
0.2 update:
and my other mods and stuff here: