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Makes SkyUI sorting smarter, so you don't need to change the sorting of different views when you play. Equipped items always on top, all items/spells by type, effects by time etc

Permissions and credits
Better SkyUI Config makes SkyUI sorting smarter, so you don't need to change the sorting of different views when you play.

  • All items/magic will be sorted by type (icon)
  • Equipped items will be grouped at the top
  • Active Effects will be sorted by time
  • Value/Weight column enabled by default


Mod Organizer 2 / Vortex:
  • Install this mod.

Safe to install/uninstall at any time.


o Compatible with Immersive Jewelry SSE v1.05/1.06a.
x Not compatible with any mod that modifies Data\interface\skyui\config.txt, unless you manually merge the changes of both mods.

Check the FAQ (sticky post) for more info on how to merge files.

Examples of merged config.txt for some other mods in the optional files. No support will be provided for them.

More information

Difference with sorting by “Equipped”

With default SkyUI, sorting by Equipped (click Name 2 times) will group equipped items at the top, but everything is sorted alphabetically.
Result: equipped items A-Z > unequipped items A-Z.

With this mod, sorting by type also groups equipped items at the top.
Result: equipped items by type > unequipped items by type.

Sorting column reset bug in SkyUI

In SkyUI, the sorting column is reset if the current view does not have the chosen column from the previous view.


1. Open Magic menu
2. Go to Active Effects view and change sorting to Time left
3. Go to another view (any spell school). The sorting changes to Name (or Icon with this mod) because the other views do not have Time left column. [Expected behaviour]
4. Go back to Active Effects view, the sorting is reset to Name (or Icon with this mod) [Unexpected behaviour / bug]

To avoid this bug, the same column is used for sorting every view, then the attributes for sorting are all added to that column.

Similar mods

There are other mods that do partly similar things as this mod:

But, I was not satisfied with them because I still need to change the sorting manually for different views. So I made this mod.

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