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This mod adds the famous Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer from the Bloodmoon expansion of Morrowind to Skyrim (or, more specifically, to Solstheim).

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Maces are my favorite weapons in Skyrim, and I found it odd that so few mace mods exist on the Nexus. So, I scoured the Oldrim, or Skyrim Legendary, Nexus until I came across this mod from PrivateEyeMace of Aevar Stone-Singer - A Morrowind Artifact. Because it had open permissions, I decided to get to work making a version that I could make for myself and share here! The mace's stats have been adjusted somewhat from the original mod, and I have changed its enchantment to have a similar effect to Chillrend. Instead of boring old Paralysis, though, the Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer can occasionally entrap your opponents in ice for a short while!

There are three main files, all featuring edited textures from the lovely IconicDeath. They were kind enough to make the mace look absolutely stunning, and they provided three different texture resolutions at my request. 

The mace can be found on the island of Solstheim. You will need an Ancient Nordic Pickaxe to acquire it! For an exact location, click here:
It is buried in one of the stalhrim ores in the Stalhrim Source area, the map marker of which is added to your map after completing "A New Source of Stalhrim."


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This mod will be "incompatible" with any mod that also adds a version of the Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer to the game. Two mods that I know to do so are Immersive Weapons, Moon and Star, and Legacy of the Dragonborn. It will not break your game, but you may find it odd to have a mace that looks very different than the one from Immersive Weapons, or one that you cannot put on display in the Legacy of the Dragonborn museum.

A patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn is now provided in the Optional Files.

Special Thanks

PrivateEye for the original Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer - A Morrowind Artifact mod, and for making it a free-to-use resource.
IconicDeath for upscaling and editing the textures to provide three resolution options.
ElminsterAU and the xEdit team for SSEEdit.