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Makes possible to choose dialogue options by 1-9 on keyboard.

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With this mod all dialogue options will have their numbers and you will able to pick them by your keyboard.
Of course, some dialogues has too many options, and all choices will have number, but you can choose only first 9 of them by pressing 1-9 on keyboard.

  • v1.1: Added numpad support
  • v1.1.2 TAB hotfix
  • Added 32:9 and 21:9 versions (thanks to AbbieDoobie)

  • It is NOT compatible with any mod providing Data/Interface/dialoguemenu.swf file.
    Pick only one - this mod or other. If other mod overrides this one, features of this mod just disappear. If this mod overwrites some mod’s file, features present, but may cause problems to the other mod.
  • You may remove it at any spot in your playthrough.


    Install/uninstall it like any other mod.


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