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A simplest mod to pick up books while sneaking.

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  • German
How many books have you taken at all your playthrough? It's really annoying that books open every time you take it.
Also, if you want to save skill-book without reading it you have to ask you follower to take it.

There's a simple solution of those problems!
To grab a book without reading it, just get sneaking and take.

Why is it useful?
I know two reasons:
  • You can get an unread skill-book without you follower's assistance;
  • If you're using Experience (which also allows you to get XP when you read book) and you want (for some reason) read books earlier;
  • If you're using Legacy and want to capture the entire local bandit's library for "display number purposes", this feature will save you time;
  • If you just want to capture the entire local bandit's library (haven't any ideas why).

Stolen books remain stolen.

Known bugs
The mod is not tested many hours so if you will find the bug let me know, and I'll try to fix it.
I almost haven't tested special books (such as Oghma Infinium etc), so you possibly may take the book when you unable to get it while standing. Although I made some common requirements in the script and it is going to work fine, I'm not sure that I've covered everything.
So if you do not want to risk -- just don't take such way unusual books, otherwise try to take it and if you observe undesirable behavior, let me know, I appreciate it.

Should be compatible with everything.

  • Install/uninstall it like any other mod.
  • Since the mod is scripted, you shouldn't uninstall it in mid-playthrough.

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