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Simple mod that make NPCs never say "Huh?" and step back from you again.

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No More Standing Too Close SSE

A simple mod that makes NPCs never say "Huh?" and step back from you again.
Prevent you from breaking the dialogue.

How it works

It just change fBumpReactionSmallDelayTime from 1.0(default) to 10000.0.


Simply (install or uninstall) with your favorite mod manager.


Compatible with everything except mod that edit value of fBumpReactionSmallDelayTime. 

Originally by

chinagreenelvis - Creator of No More Standing Too Close to NPCs in Classic Skyrim.
I want to give credit to him/her because It is the original.

It changes value of fBumpReactionSmallDelayTime and fBumpReactionSmallWaitTimer.
I just tried some experiment and discover that fBumpReactionSmallDelayTime is enough to get things done.

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