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Animations for the Battleaxes and Warhammers inspired by Dark Souls. The second mod in a project that aims to reanimate all vanilla weapon types using SKYSA. The goal is to make combat look more like Dark souls. Animations alone wont make Skyrim play like Dark Souls, but its the first step

Permissions and credits
Elder Souls - Battleaxe and Warhammer Animations

In SKYRIM.ini - fInitialPowerAttackDelay=0.15
if it doesn't exist, add it under [CONTROLS]

1) Download and Install Nemesis and SkySA
2) Download this mod, it should load after SkySA
3) Run nemesis, make sure SkySA is ticked, and generate
behavior (update engine if it asks you to)

video guide by MERN:

tktk1 for animation rig
Distar for SkySA
ShikyoKira for Nemesis

and all the amazing fromsoft animators
from which this work borrows heavily

all of my amazing patrons <3