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The mod adds a long odachi to the game.

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So I was playing a lot of Nioh 2 recently and I got really inspired by the game's weaponry. I looked up in nexus odachi/nodachi for Skyrim but there were non so here we are I've made one.
There are two variants that are craftable under the steel tab (req. steel smithing perk). A great sword version (which uses greatsword animations) and a battle axe version (using the battleaxe animations). Both versions have the same stats: Base dagame of 21, Reach - 1.6 and attack speed of 0.85.


Use a mod manager (recommended) or manually unpack the archive and drop the folder into your main Skyrim folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim SE\)


Use a mod manager (recommended) or manually delete:
...\data\meshes\weapons\RTROdachi folder\textures\weapons\RTROdachifolder

[Change log]
Update 1.1:
The .nif files have been edited and some textures too. Now the scabbard will have a permanent glow and the glow, in general, is now working better.

Special thanks to Kanjs who helped me out with the glow setup. Check him out he has done some amazing stuff
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Substance Painter