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The Meadows Cottage is now a working homestead! Along with the original amenities, ie. trophy room, storage, armory, indoor/outdoor crafting, you can now plant crops, harvest honey from the bee hive, plant all your potion ingredients, and more.

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The Meadows Cottage Homestead Update Now Available!!!


*** Suggeted Mod ***

This mod isn't required, but it will allow the player to interact with more things around the house, both inside and outside.

Dovahkiin Can Lean Sit Kneel Lay Down

The Meadows Cottage Homestead is the newest version of my first mod, The Meadows Cottage.  Located on the plains of Whiterun, the Meadows is the perfect starter home for your small family or handful of followers.  It still boasts of the long list of perks, but in addition, even if you don't have enough gold to purchase it,  you can plant crops, grind wheat, milk your cow (if you have the necessary mods installed), ride Daisy, sleep in the stables, use the exterior storage, cook your meals for the road, and craft all your items.

Safe to update on an existing save.  To update, leave the cell, save, uninstall the older version and install the new version.  Easy.


Version 4.0 also fixes a bug where the Elder Scroll Dragon couldn't be stored in the display.

Some of the perks:

*Hearthfire Multiple Adoption Compatible
*Configurable to allow up to 4 kids no followers, 3 kids 1 follower, or 2 kids 2 followers
*Teleport Spell Tome
*Linked storage to keep your crafting supplies close at hand.
*Enchanting table indoors and outdoors
*Alchemy lab indoors and outdoors
*Cookpot & oven for those who use mods such as iNeed
*BBQ pit for those who love to entertain
*Indoor and outdoor smelter
*Indoor and outdoor forge
*Indoor and outdoor workbench
*On/off light switches
*Small armory with armor and weapon displays
*Trophy room
*Lots and lots of storage space

First, about linked containers.....the containers are linked to each other, not the crafting stations.  For example, you can dump all your leathers and furs into the chest inside the house and access them from the barrel outside the house.  They are not, however, linked to the anvil or workbench.  I purposely wanted it this way because I actually like setting up my new houses.  So if you want to craft something, you're going to have to take the materials out of their assigned container and have it in your inventory.

Second about the positioning in the armor displays.....When I was setting them up, I discovered not all armor items align the same way.  Take for instance a cuirass.  The Daedric Cuirass when placed in the display properly stood up as if on a mannequin (I *HATE* those things), but the Nordic Carved Cuirass laid down as if lying on a table or the floor....which of course looked *horrible* in a display where I wanted it erect.  This appears to be an issue prodominantly with DLC items.  So what I did was make a switch giving you two options to change the positions, either erect or prone.  It doesn't allow you to swap out items.  If it is a cuirass display, it will still only accept a cuirass.  The switch just allows you to change how it is handled.  If neither of the two positions work well, then the display is simply not suitable for that particular armor.

***Adding/Subtracting/Changing Beds***

The Meadows is very versitile in that you decide whether you want to use your new home to raise a family, house your favorite followers, or both.  With the menu system you can can have up to four children or four followers or you can change it up.  It is important to remember, though, if you decide to make changes to the default setup to follow these guidelines.

1.  Set up your beds however you desire.  Remember the multi-adoption mod requires at least two beds for children if you plan to have your family there.  They can be in any arrangement, both downstairs, both upstairs, or one up and one down.  You must, however, make that choice BEFORE using the "Bless Home" spell.

2.  Bless your house and you're done!  Easy!

If you decide later on you want to change up your arrangement and say have 3 or 4 kids after already setting  up your home you must temporarily move your family to another another location then repeat the steps above.

***New in 3.0***

The Meadows was my first attempt at creating a Skyrim mod and as I pretty much expected, I made a couple of mistakes.  The primary mistake was I put EVERY book in EVERY bookcase upside down.  Oops.  So that has been corrected.  Yay me!

Also, and I'm very excited about this for personal reasons (my son who doesn't play pc will now be able to use my mods!), The Meadows is going to XBox One!  Yay me again!  Because of that, I had to tweak a few things and switch out a few things that didn't play well with the XBox platform and instead of making two separate versions, I made all the changes and corrections in one.

For all intents and purposes, The Meadows Cottage is finished with the exception of bug fixes and I have moved on to other projects.  So making two different versions would not have been practical.  Still, I believe most, if not all, will like the changes.

Mod on my friends!

Assets Used:

Bert's Bits & Bobs/Tutorials
Bunny Toys by Garnet
Catering by Lilith
Curios by Lilith
Ready Clutter by Lilith
Lilith's Doilies
Lilith's Tablecloths
Modder Display Compendium by MrDanSG1
Scripts & Tutorials by Darkfox127
Food Containers by Blary
Bath & Towel resources by InsanitySorrow at the TES Alliance
Liam's Clutter Resources
Alchemy Jars by Pheo3309
Rocking Horses by Tamira
Sit And Read Script by Xaa/Jim Farris
Treasure Maps & Frames Textures & Meshes by Jpitner
Universal Item Display Resource by Ashenshugarll & AmethystDeceiver

I would also like thank Ashenshugarll, Skyrimlazz, jpitner, Noxide, Darkfox127, TAP Gaming, goobendj242, and everyone at the Facebook group, Skyrim Mods & Modders.

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