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A patch that solves the annoying problem planting an item and grow a tree from another one, as well as provides compatibility for the most downloaded mods out there that brings new plantable items.

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One common problem for players who like the Alchemy mechanics and plant ingredients/vegetables is that sometimes, when an item is planted, a tree from a complete different item grows. This happens because the Mechanics of planting items rely on two records from the game:


Both are lists of numbered plantable items and plantable trees, respectively, that needs to match each other  in order to provide the correct function of the planting mechanic. The number of an item in the first list must be exactly  the same in the tree list. For example, if Deathbell occupies the 32th position, and if the potato tree is in the 32th position, a plantable Deathbell will grow a potato tree (lol)!

This occurs mainly when mods that edit those records are downloaded without the proper patch. So, problem solved!

Important: The author of Technicolor Alchemy provided a patch for both CACO and Bruma. However, such patch does not solve the problem of redundant items, which can be very annoying and immersion-breaking.

Features of this Mod:

01: provide a proper list order for both plantable items and trees;

02: eliminate the redundancy of duplicate/triplicate items (CACO items received priority, followed by Bruma).


Beyond Skyrim - Bruma (BSAssets.esm)
Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch ( contains the file BS_DLC_patch.esp. It can downloaded in Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Mod page)
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO)
Technicolor Alchemy
Tundra Berries (Optional)


"Can you provide a patch only for CACO and Bruma?"
Answer: this patch is not necessary. Download this:

"Can you provide a patch only for CACO and Technicolor?"
Answer: this patch is not necessary. Download it the Technicolor Mod page: 

"Can you provide a patch for 'X SSE' Mod?"
Answer: If the 'X SSE' mod brings new plantable items that are not redundant with the ones from CACO, Bruma and Technicolor, please tell me, so I will create the patch :)

"I have duplicate items that I harvested in my playthroughs!"
Answer: this is a problem from Technicolor mod. The BS_DLC_patch.esp file solves the redundancy between CACO, Bruma and DLCs, but it does not with Technicolor. However, there are not duplicates in the plantable list. If you have two items with the same name in your inventory, when you try to plant them, only one will be plantable. Yes, it is annoying. At the moment, I am figuring out a way to solve that, so I will incorporate the changes to that mod. Meanwhile, the patch provided by this page can assure a very good experience for farmer and alchemist builds!
Technicolor solved that issue in the last update.

Download with your mod manager.

It just edits two records, which still be existing in the base game, so no problems at all. However, if u planted something before uninstalling it, u may have issues with unmatched ingredient trees.