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  1. PraedythXVI
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    • Fixed bad tiling in star texture: star shape 7.
    • Added another star option.
    • Made some changes to the meshes, hopefully no one will end up with exploded night sky meshes now.
    • The 12 new nebulas use a different night sky mesh which i made using a sub-divided plane i curved then symmetrized so as to end up with a mesh which makes use of all the available uv space and still covers the whole sky, could have gone with a symmetrized dome but some uv space would have been unused and i didn't want that, i tried all the different sky boxing techniques as far as i know (cylindrical, spherical, cube, dome, quadrilateralized spherical cube projections and also tried the cards+atlas method i used for the console version) and this is the one i was the most happy with.
    • Removed 2 stretched out stars in the galaxy texture, made a new desaturated option and 2 other saturated and desaturated options but with different alpha channel data.
    • Remade my moon mod and included it here, fixed black outline and made a moon glow version, also covers the werewolf perk menu moon.
    • Made 5 new aurora models available in 7 options, made from 12 new "parts" each having 3 layers just like the vanilla aurora (the parts are included as resources each in their own nifs for mod authors interested in making their own combinations and such, i've also split the vanilla aurora into 5 parts for those that need it).


    • Merged the galaxy outline fix with the main files.
    • Fixed seams in some of the star textures.
    • Added 2 new star textures, (Thorn shaped option 4 and 5), 5 having a lot more stars than any other textures (You may want to tweak stars animation density and intensity under the skies properties in enbseries.ini for this 5th option especially).
    • Added a 5th option for the nebulas, this option won't install nebula textures and removes the nebula mesh from the nif, it's for those who do not want any of the nebulas.
    • Added a de-saturated galaxy option.
    • I've added a version of the mod i had made specifically for console, the goal was to keep the file size as small as possible without sacrificing the resolution too much, it's sort of a mix between performance and quality, in my opinion it's on par with the 8k resolution for the stars and 4k for the nebulas but with the file size of 1k/2k textures, i relied on "cards" and tiling a lot to make this but did my best to hide any repetition as best i could, should be a great alternative for really weak pc's.
    • Fixed fomod not installing the de-saturated galaxy texture properly.

    -Latest change: 

    • Fixed auroras not responding to enb aurora parameters.
  2. jogre900
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    Compatible with bigger moons and better moons? 
  3. ItsRainmoon
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    hi how do you tweak it to fit cabbage enb? i find out my night sky became too bright when the sky is clear
  4. CelticJulo
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    Merci à toi de nous laisser porter tes mods. Je viens de le faire aujourd'hui sur Xbox et le résultat est époustouflant!

    Thank you for letting us wear your mods. I've just done it today on Xbox and the result is stunning!

  5. Lampl1ght
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    I love it. Will there be a mixed random version?
  6. SadSadSatan616
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    Paso mas tiempo viendo el cielo que jugando, dou.
  7. tk112
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    Does this mod have the stars twinkle? 
  8. Tenz81
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    using the very bright nat.enb preset the glowless moons option really saved me from the overbright moon problem. Very nice moons!
  9. Drengin
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    • 273 kudos
    In order for a person to see the sky like this, the pupils must be the size of a truck wheel, and the retina must be cooled with liquid nitrogen:)
    1. zephyrgm
      • premium
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      its skyrim
    2. BullishMarket
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      Skyrim world is not located on the earth bro.
    3. Unbrntoast
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      @Drengin Hey just blow in from stupid town?
    4. OrhanKarani
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      well we are the dragonborn! I am pretty sure its lore friendly. Probably.
    5. NReece
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      In a universe where literal magic and demon gods exist the night sky would also be chaotic. Also Nirn is in like its own pocket dimension. The stars are actually holes that are in the void landscape.
    6. incrivelbob
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      There are no stars in Mundus, those bright spots are literal holes in the sky, the other side is the Aetherius, the magic plane.
  10. hollywood1978
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    Incredible mod, great job, keep it up.
  11. Relenanator
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    Thank you for making these fantastic sky textures. They look amazing in my Enderal playthrough.