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I couldn't find a good concentrating lightning spell mod for SSE, so I made my own.
Sparks spell felt weak. Chain lightning felt clunky. Thats why I present you their bastard child, but with a twist.

This is a modded version of sparks spell.
It includes:
1) More damage(increased hit damage + added DoT).
2) Added chain effect(the visuals are chaining arcs of sparks, cause I like em better than sluggish chain lightning).
3) Added push effect.
4) Added smoke on hit effect(version 3 and above).

The spell deal health and stamina damage as opposed to normal lighting spell health and magicka.

a) Single hand - enemies will collapse to the ground on hit, get slightly pushed away(as long as you are hitting them) and chain an arc of electricity to nearby enemies(10 feet).
b) Dual cast mode(updated in v2) - same as above, but the arc is longer(20 feet) and the push back is much higher(5x times), so you can send enemies flying.

It also has longer hit decals on enemies(I did not like that it got away quickly with default spells).

Sold by Riverwood trader.

As of version 3 there are now 3 spells to choose from:
1) Sith lighting (tuned down version).
2) The power of the dark side(considered op and my personal choice).
3) "Sith lightning (hardcore)" (progression version).

The differences are:
Number 1 and 3 are tuned down number 2(damage wise).
Number 1 and 2 have ignore resistance effects, number 3 doesn't.
Number 2 and 3 have disarm effect when hitting attacking enemies, number 1 doesn't.
Number 1 and 2 have all effects of spell ready with no destruction skill investment.
Number 3 unlocks parts of spell effects as you level up your destruction skill.

Unlocks / skill level:
Dual cast stagger / 1
Onehanded cast stagger / 30
Onehanded push / 50
Twohanded push / 75
Disarm (both) / 90

!!Use with caution!!
Due to how unrelenting force effect works - dead enemies can stuck in obstacles.

Future plans:
- Make it so targets scream in pain(or something simular).

Original idea belongs to Narkio123 and his mod.