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A Nightingale armour Retexture for people who like the original look.
So Whats New?
Added 2.0 file an update focused the way the armour reacts to light and improving overall quality (now with male textures)
- also added Optional sword retexture (images at the end)

Permissions and credits
True HD Nightingale

-2.3 Now Released-
"That armour, its like nothing i've ever seen, like Forged midnight"
overheard from a Riften guard

-Nightingale Blade Retexture Added

So i created this mod because i really like the original nightingale armour look but its just
a little low-res and all the HD remakes i saw changed it in ways i didn't like, it is exactly the
same in looks although a little darker, other than that everything is double the resolution of
the originals, includes boots, gloves and hood

one thing to note
 i took the comparison pictures with another mod that removes the cape so yours will look
the same but with a cape, sorry, i will try take some more to replace them

or are you looking for a mod to remove the cape
Capeless Nightingale
by gilead maerlyn


-Added more compressed version
-Added 2.0 test optional file female body only (overwrite Original Mod)
-Added 2.0 test2 optional file improving quality and fixing shiny capes and hood
-added 2.0 version as the main file
-added WIP sword retex as an optional file
-made changes to gloves and put it all in a fomod AIO installer
-added 2.3 fixing installation issues and some extra changes


i really want to add female boots and glove textures because in the vanilla game they just use the male textures although the armours are different colours at the moment my mod does the same, its not bad but could be better