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Ever thought the Whispering Door quest of Mephala in vanilla Skyrim was a little underwhelming? This is a far more suitable quest for such a grand Daedra, set on a completely new island off the coast of Skyrim. It includes 30 new quests to complete, over 50 new voiced NPCs to meet and many new areas to explore.

Permissions and credits

This is a large mod that includes custom models and textures, new spells, books, a small player home, and a custom made follower, who after a while will offer a couple of very useful services. It has over 70 new interiors, new worldspaces, around 30 quests and over 50 voiced NPC's.
Music from Spanish symphonic metal band Diabulus in Musica, and English composer Richard Nye complete the experience.
We estimate about 20 hours play time in total for characters of any level.
Begin in Dawnstar and travel a short way East along the coast towards the jetty.

Almost exactly halfway between the two provinces of Skyrim and High Rock, where the Sea of Ghosts meets the Azurian Sea, lies the small island of Wicklow. Some time ago a small community established itself there, mining the rare Lakestone deposits. Connected to the mainland of Skyrim only by a boat from Dawnstar, the villagers rely on home grown food and a plentiful supply of rabbits and chickens - but one person on the island holds a mysterious secret.

Take the boat to Wicklow, and find the secret. Earn Mephala's respect if you can, and with it the rewards it brings.

A complete list of quests and how to start them

Gone Missing
Talk to Dinasa Sarys who tells you her husband is missing. Find him in a subterranean Dwemer room.

Dive to the bottom of the lake between Wick and Low and you will find hundreds of bones. Talk to the villagers to discover where they have come from, and uncover the sorry history of the island.

The Cabbage Thief
Talk to Othelan Thrice-Felled in Low Spirits and discover why the Inn has stopped selling the famous cabbage rolls.

The Chicken Ring
Find, kill and search the chicken with the slightly orange comb to find its secret.

Talk to Tamara in Low Spirits and help her steal the doughnut recipe from a villager.

Gone Fishing
Talk to Thoris Paquet in Wick, help him get food for his family from the ocean.

Ghurza the Alchemist
Starts automatically after Gone Fishing. A new arrival in Wicklow sets up business.

Pickpocket the futuristic device from Othelan Thrice Felled in Low Spirits and bear the consequences until you can release yourself from it's curse.

Find K'Nople
Starts automatically if you successfully complete the jigsaw when in Mephala's puzzle rooms. Find your way through the moving platforms.

The Lost Key
Starts automatically on arrival in Wick, simply look for a miners lost key in the Lakestone mine.

Agathas Lost Boy
MAIN QUEST - Starts automatically when you finish "The Lost Key"

The Betrayed
When in Mephala's realm, talk to one of The Betrayed who will set you a task in exchange for information.

A taste of Poison
This starts from the main quest if you select Moriwa to replace Dunmoryn in Mephala's world.

A Load of Ruggish
Talk to Drusa to start this one and help her make a new rug for Agatha. This will not start if you choose Agatha to replace Dunmoryn in Mephala's world.

The Lost Sailor
Talk to The Investigator on the boat in Low, the marooned captain on the island, or enter the cave Diabulus to free the island from the Siren's curse. Listen to the full version of the Diabulus in Musica song Eternal Breeze, a ballad from their album Argia.

For Medicinal Purposes
Discover the skooma in the shipwreck or on the mount above the mine. Find the villagers secret and either help him or not. The quest plays differently depending on which you discover first.

All in the head
Talk to Woohaa who has the wrong idea about another villager. Work between them both, and select one of them to be your "special friend", and to get three further quests and rewards.

The Spriggan
Thyra has a real connection with nature and can see a spriggan needs help. Find how to talk to the spriggan, then visit its world using its tree portal to save its family from a deadly fungus.

How Sweet
Talk to Hestia Montes and find the ingredients she needs to make her renowned Sweet Drink.

Starts automatically after completing How Sweet. After Hestia starts selling her sweet drinks, a bout of toothache starts on the island. Could there be a connection?

Well Done
Arrius Montes has had a strange dream about a torchbug. Find the torchbug and follow it to find the reason for its distress.

The Librarian
Pick up the note in the Library in Mephala's Walled Garden

These quests are all started at random from the "Any news" conversations

The Ale Hoarder
Find the hidden ale, and go to the party afterwards.

Bird Brained
Help a bird watcher deliver his secret notes to his friend in Falkreath.

Eye Eye
One of the villagers only has one eye. He know when and where he lost it though, perhaps you can recover it?

A clean break
Little Junia has broken her mothers statue of Mara, try and fix it before her mother discovers. This quest is timed so can be failed.

Agatha's lost boy
MAIN QUEST - this would normally start automatically after "The Lost Key", but if the player does not finish that quest it will slaos start from here.

Help someone recover their stolen Gem

Main quest spoilers

There is a significant choice you need to make in the main quest that could lead to you failing the quest. Click the spoiler if you want to be safe.

When questioning the villagers to decide which one will replace Dunmoryn in Mephala's realm, the best reward is given by selecting Junia Montes. If you select Fandara you will fail the quest.
Selecting any other will still reward, but slightly less so.

Credits & Thanks

The Authors
Welwork and Hanamomoya

For permission to use the song Eternal Breeze from their album Argia

Go to their home page

The Diabulus in Musica Youtube Channel

For the music for Wicklow and Mephala's world

Visit his home page

Bethesda (Obviously)
Everyone who makes Blender
Everyone who makes Gimp
The developers of Nifskope
ousnius for SSE NIF Optimiser
Everyone who contributed to the list of Papyrus Functions
Coldrifting for BSA List creator
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
Kalilies for KS Hairdos SSE

The voice actors
Anthony, Sonya, Richard, Austin, Rachel, Hannah, Ollie, Rosie, Andrew, Susan, Katie + Boyfriend, Lauren, Natalies daughter, Amir, Tom

We also used a couple of fake voices
Google voice synthesizer
Natural readers voice synthesizer
Danruta for this excellent voice synthesizer