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Tweaks furniture in the player's bedroom inside the Safehouse to be ignored by NPC Sandbox AI

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Part of my role-playing, I'd have my character spending time in his bedroom doing one thing or another to himself with the door closed. I would find myself constantly being intruded upon by my followers waltzing into my room just to sit on a bench next to my bed or simply because they wanted to use the bathroom. I got sick of them coming in my room, so this mods exists

This mod tweaks nine furniture objects in the player's bedroom NPCs can use with their sandbox AI. The chairs, benches, and the bath are now flagged to be ignored by NPC Sandbox so now NPCs will not waltz in your room uninvited.
Additionally, I've also added this ignore sandbox flag onto a bench that sits in a closed off room behind the player's bedroom, I've had followers teleport in there and get stuck because their sandbox AI wanted them to idle on that bench.

  • Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.97
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn V5.4.5

This mod only edits ten records from LegacyOfTheDragonborn.esm to flag the furniture to be ignored by NPCs.

This mod respects and follows the permissions for Legacy of the Dragonborn
stated by icecreamassassin. Permission to upload this mod was given by
icecreamassassin. Do not redistribute this mod to any other platform
without explicit permission from icecreamassassin. This mod is only an