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A vampire player home south west of Falkreath

Permissions and credits
A port of the mod Stalker's Refuge-Vampire Player home, by Undeadgoblin. All credit is theirs. 
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The location of the home is already marked on your map south west of Falkreath along the road close to edge of the border. The location makes it ideal for any one playing through the game as a feral vampire that doesn't go to towns and just lives in the wild. The key to unlock the door is in a skeleton imprisoned in a cage at the entrance.
There is also a hireable Death Hound called Vein, he is only hireable if you are part of the vampire faction and have completed the redwater den quest. If your a part of the dawnguard faction, he way attack you, though I have not tested that.

-List of Things-

Alchemy and Enchanting tables
Blacksmithing area + Smelter
Plentiful storage containers
Hireable Deathound
6 Weapon Plaques 
2 Bed + 2 Bedrolls
+16 Bookshelves
6 Weapon Racks
5 Mannequins
2 Coffins
2 Thralls

-Credits & Mods Used in Images-

Nifskope (Used to modfiy some custom meshes that were behaving strangely when changed into a container)
Creation Kit Wiki (Helped with creating the mannequins, bookshelves, plaques, racks and creating the location)

Rampage Extended ENB (Used in all new screenshots)
Hanging Moss replacer into plant by Pfuscher
Vivid Landscapes - Castle Volkihar
Worthy Noble Furniture
Shocky's Deathhound Brutes (on LoversLab, Google It!)
Ruins Clutter Improved
Skyrim 2016 Shaders
Detailed Rugs

Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB
 (Used in all old screenshots, modified version)


You are free to upload translations mods or to reupload my mod to another website or Steam workshop, please send me a private message before you do, and please credit me in the description.