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This is a collection of my recent Rustic Texture overhauls concerning the everyday clutter items. Included are RUSTIC DINNERWARE, RUSTIC POTTERY, RUSTIC SILVERWARE, and a new RUSTIC WINE BOTTLES retexture. 2K and 1K versions available.

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RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION is what is sounds like, a collection of my recent RUSTIC series of retextures of common clutter items in Skyrim. I didn't really have a plan to do all this items, but they just drew my attention as textures that could use some attention. Once I began working on them, I quickly realized just how prevalent they are in the game. Once I had completed a few of these Rustic retexture mods, I began getting requests to combine them for easier load management. It has grown to the extent that I felt it was time to do just that.

This collection of my recent Rustic Texture overhauls includes RUSTIC DINNERWARE, RUSTIC POTTERY, RUSTIC SILVERWARE, and a new RUSTIC WINE BOTTLES retexture. 2K and 1K versions available.

UPDATE: Ruins Clutter Improved Patch - I added an optional download for Ruins Clutter Improved v3.1 which added anew meshes for the basic plates with a new texture to match. If you were using this mod, my basic plate textures wouldn't display. I therefore created a new texture set to work with the new meshes raiserfx created.

UPDATE: Version 2.3.1 Corrected the SMIM tankard textures which had mistakenly been switched with the Beer in Tankards version. This is the only change.

Version 2.3
adds the revised textures from RUSTIC SILVERWARE as well as modified SMIM textures for the Beer in Tankards mod. The silverware is now more dimensional and reflective in game. The tankards had an issue with the handle part of the texture, so while revising that, I also decided to make them less grungy, and a bit more reflective as well.

Version 2.2.1 adds the alpha mask for the Metal Prisoner Cage diffuse texture. Apparently, the mask is necessary if you don't use SMIM, so I added it back. I saved the 4K version as a DXT1A file, so the mask is a 1-bit alpha, which keeps the file size the same as before. For the 2K version (found in the 1K RCC option), I had to save as a DXT5 file, because the stair step nature of the mask is too noticeable at that resolution. Still, it's only a single texture, so it shouldn't really affect performance.

Version 2.2 adds the Metal Prisoner Cage textures. Since this is such a large object in the game, I made the diffuse (color) texture 4K (for the 2K version), but I eliminated the alpha mask layer, so it's not as VRAM hungry as the original version would be at 4K. The normal map is 2K, however, so I tried to get the best compromise in appearance vs performance. 

Version 2.1
adds the Dwemer Lexicon textures (and meshes). I need to add the edited meshes, because the original had poor placement on the corners of the cubes. I made these textures originally for the Aetherial Crown mod that Saerileth is working on, but decided to add them to this mod as well. The original textures are only 512 x 512, and they have 4 different versions of the lexicon on them, so they are quite low-res in the vanilla game. My retextures add a fair amount more detail to these unique items.

Version 2.0 adds textures that loosely fit into the "container" category (objects that are used to hold other objects). Included are retextures for the Strongbox (which was previously released by itself), the Safe with Lock, the Knapsack, the Apothecary Satchel, and the Coin Purse. Some of these items were requested specifically by Nexus members. I tried to maintain as much of the original look as possible, while aiming to improve the detail and coloration.

Version 1.1 adds retextures for the mead and ale bottles. Researching the mead bottles online, I determined that the bottles were in fact meant to be ceramic. A type commonly known as stoneware. I found some old examples that closely resembled Bethesda's original designs.

I never understood why the Nord Mead bottles had blank labels, as did the Ale bottles. I know these weren't supposed to be from the two major meaderies, but some generic "house" label seemed like the logical thing. Anyway, since the Nord Mead and Ale share the same texture, I couldn't add either name to the label, and just went with "Nord" and a couple filled tankards as the graphic. The Honningbrew Mead and Black-Briar Mead bottles and their labels are included in this update.

I've also included the texture patch for Hoamaii's Wine and Beer in Tankards mod. This gives the appearance of the SMIM tankards being filled with a hearty beverage. This patch is just for the beer version of his mod.

While technically the arcane enchanter and alchemy table fall into the clutter folder category, I decided to keep them separate for now. I see this more as a mod for the small everyday clutter items that you find in inns and homes. If I do more of these items in the future, I will just add them to this mod as an update, rather than starting anew mod page. I have enough mods now that I want to avoid unnecessary file bloat.

To start things off, I am adding a new retexture, RUSTIC WINE BOTTLES. It's common (and understandable) that when most people think of wine bottles today, they think of glass. But when I saw the original (low-res) game textures, I didn't think of glass... they looked like ceramic. A winery transporting cases of their precious beverage across the rocky roads of Skyrim in a horse drawn cart would need study vessels to survive the trip. A ceramic bottle with a wicker basket around it would handle harsh terrain better than a glass container. It would also be a better insulator than glass, and wine is not that tolerant of temperature changes.

So, deciding on ceramic as the material also explained the lack of transparency, and allowed for more interesting texturing. The wine bottles benefit from a 2K texture since there are two bottles on the one texture, and they are broken into several pieces for each one. Getting all the parts to blend with a varied texture is not a simple task. I hope people like the result of my efforts.

As always, pick the resolution that works for your system... 2K or 1K. I hope this makes for an easier installation for people who already use these mods. 


NOTE: All my mods are exclusive to NEXUS. I do not allow posting to other sites.