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Because 500-1,500 Gold for delivering a bunch of stale cookies to the Graybeards is just ridiculous, Klimmek.

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Quest rewards in vanilla Skyrim range from vaguely disappointing to completely ridiculous. If you complete Klimmek's "Climb the Steps" quest at level 20, he'll reward you with 1,000 Gold - that's enough to buy a horse for Mara's sake. Other quests, specifically those that are essentially harmless delivery tasks, will similarly reward you with several hundred gold which often surpasses the value of the item you're delivering or procuring by a significant margin. No doubt the overblown quest rewards are also one reason for Skyrim's gold economy, or lack thereof.

If you're tired of getting rich just by playing the errant boy, this mod may be for you.

Note that the first version of the plugin may not be perfectly consistent as I haven't looked at every single quest. I will likely continue to tweak and adjust the rewards in future updates. Constructive feedback is welcome!

The plugin is based on Economy Overhaul by skepman. I separated out skepman's changes to quest rewards to pair them with kryptopyr's Trade and Barter and ended up editing quite a few of them as I felt some of the rewards were lowered by too much.


  • Quest rewards remain leveled, meaning your reward for the same quest will be higher at higher levels.
  • The highest reward for most quest unlocks at level 40 which I consider sufficient for TPF's slowed progression.
  • Generally speaking, small delivery quests will reward between 25-75 gold instead of 250-750.
  • Significantly lowered the gold earned in most Dragonborn quests.

Reasonable Quest Rewards - Dark Brotherhood:

  • The Delayed Burial quest is affected by the main plugin, lowering the reward from 250-750 Gold to 25-75 Gold.
  • The Mourning Never Comes quest reward is affected by the main plugin, lowering the reward from 400-1,200 to 100-500 Gold.
  • Each of the twelve killing contracts given by Nazir will reward you with 100-500 Gold instead of 250-750 Gold.
  • Each of the nine killing contracts given by the Night Mother (during Dark Brotherhood Forever) will reward you with 200-800 Gold instead of 400-1,200 Gold.
  • Skepman's changes to the final DB quest are included (reward lowered from 20,000 to 10,000 of which 3,000 instead of 1,000 remain to you).


Reasonable Quest Rewards was made for users of The Phoenix Flavour modding guide. I will not be creating patches for non-TPF mods, please use xEdit and do it yourself. If something bothers you, permissions are open, feel free to make your own tweaks and publish them if you like.


See permissions tab.


Skepman for Economy Overhaul which my plugin is based on. I also included some of his edited scripts.
Kamikaze for Bounties Are Worthwhile for which I uploaded a replacer plugin.