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NPCs and the player get bloody when they're missing health. The lower their health is, the bloodier they look. Blood disappears once you're healed up. No scripts, no performance hit, no gameplay changes.

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If you're using Dirt and Blood and you're happy, then this mod is not for you. This is a SUPER lite implementation of the core blood mechanic of my other mod, achieved now with 0 scripts. This version has ONLY the visual effects for blood.

To get this out of the way: the original Dirt and Blood is already very light on resources. Performance should not be the main reason to drop the original mod. What's the difference then between the two?

Just Blood VS 
Dirt and Blood ...FIGHT!
- Blood effects on player and NPCs
- Blood effects get applied based on current health. The lower the health, the bloodier you/NPCS will be. No blood when swimming.
- Effects disappear as you heal up. Amount of blood on NPCs is now a good way to tell who is low in health, instead of looking at the HUD.
- Plug and play: no gameplay changes, effects purely visual only, no configuration needed
- No scripts, no scanning for NPCs, 0 performance hit

- Blood and dirt effects on Player and NPCs
- Player dirt/blood system more complex and independent from NPC effects
- Dirt and blood accumulates dynamically (Based on combat, after X days...)
- The worst stages of dirt and blood can affect prices, intimidation attempts, etc.
- NPCs will react with voiced reactions to the worst stages of dirt (Ew! You reek!) Lol.
- Clean yourself via rain, water or washing animation (now supporting NPCs too)
- NPCs can look dirty depending on their professions
- Hair/Beard Growth Reminders
- Scripts are only for the player, NPCs use the same approach as Just Blood
- Highly customizable MCM

So which one should you choose? Well, it's entirely up to you! If you really have 0 interest in the extra features and just want more bloody battles, then choose Just Blood, if you like the extra fluff and realism, choose Dirt and Blood.

- Spell Perk Item Distributor (Nothing to set up from your side, you just install this like any other mod and press play)

- Enhanced Blood Textures complements this mod well. 
- Compatible with everything. Blood retextures for Dirt and Blood will work here too. Other mods that handle dirtiness for the player should be compatible too.
- Not compatible with the main version of Dirt and Blood (duh)


  • Will this new implementation come to the main Dirt and Blood?
It's already there! Dirt and Blood 2.0 includes this new cleaner implementation for NPCs, but all player related dirt/blood features continue being handled differently than NPCs. 

  • Can I use this with another "Dirt" mod? Can I use this with Enhanced Blood Textures?
Looks like someone didn't read the section about compatibility above! Answer is yes, compatible with everything.

  • My PC is on fire! I have lost a leg after installing this mod! Your mod ruined my life!
This just adds an overlay effect on top of any hurt NPC, there's not a single script and this should have 0 performance hit, unless you install a 4K retexture mod for the blood. You might want to check the rest of your load order if you're having issues. (And call a doctor about your leg)

  • Your mod is not working!
Maybe YOU are not working! For real: Make sure you install and activate Spell Perk Item Distributor and its requirements. 

  • Blood is too dark! Blood is too bright! Blood is shining in the dark! Blood is life!
Wow, relax there, Dracula. We all have different tastes when it comes to blood (lol). Depending on the ENB (or lack of), the blood will look different in your game. The screenshots here were taken using the default textures included in this mod, Silent Horizons ENB and all the default settings.
If you know how to use SSEdit, you can tweak the shaders to change how bright the blood is and see what looks best in your game. You might also be interested in installing a retexture and see how it looks with it. For my own game, I play with Dirt and Blood and use a combination of the amazing D&B Retexture of Nolbear and Dirt by OTK57, both tweaked to my own liking. 

  • Do I get a prize for reading the description in full?
You should! You definitely should!! All I can offer though is a couple of links to my other mods below... and maybe a sneak peek (WIP) of my next mod? Thanks for reading the description :)